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World Series Of Poker
 Daily Report
June 25 – August 10 2006

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Las Vegas
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8th August 2006

From 27 down to the final Nine.
See Current chips and payout schedule for final Nine.

No poker playing at the Rio today just interviews. I heard the tables are being broken down and the final table will be surrounded by seats on four sides like a boxing ring. I thought they might just tell spectators to go to their rooms and watch it on pay per view.

A press conference is scheduled for 12:30pm and I think, since it is the last day and media are being forced to watch from the media room, Jeffrey Pollack (Commissioner of World Series of Poker) will receive some critical comments during the conference.

It is also final table day at the Bellagio. The winner there will receive $960k and no publicity!

Shannon Shorr (21 year old professional poker player and University of Alabama Civil Engineering student - apparently), who cashed three times during the WSOP, has the chip lead. Michael Andersson (8th 2004 WSOP Championship), a Scandanavian, is second. They tried to play the event six handed to eliminate the short stacks faster but the players complained and we reverted to a traditional ten man table.

The general feeling here is that Jaimie Gold has been lucky in the WSOP Championship and if it turns into a poker game Allen Cunningham will win.

On a sad note Paul Hannum ,who was an ESPN photographer then moved to the WPT circuit, died after his appendix burst.

1) Jaimie Gold 2) Allen Cunningham 3) Chip Standings for final

Jaimie Gold
Jamie Gold leads into the final  at the WSOP 2006
Allen Cunningham
Allen Cunningham in the final at the WSOP 2006 Championsjip Event
Current Chip Positions for the final Nine
Payout Schedule Current Pos. Player   Chips Seat
$12,000,000 1 Jamie Gold Malibu, CA $25,650,000 8
$6,102,499 2 Allen Cunningham Las Vegas, NV $17,770,000 5
$4,123,310 3 Richard Lee San Antonio, TX $11,820,000 1
$3,628,513 4 Erik Friberg Stockholm $9,605,000 2
$3,216,182 5 Paul Wasicka Westminster, CO $7,600,000 3
$2,803,851 6 Douglas Kim Hartsdale, NY $6,770,000 7
$2,391,520 7 Rhett Butler Rockville, MD $4,815,000 9
$1,979,189 8 Michael Binger Atherton, CA $3,140,000 6
$1,566,858 9 Dan Nassif St. Louis, MO $2,600,000 4
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