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World Series Of Poker
 Daily Report
June 25 – August 10 2006

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17th July 2006

Scott Clements from Washington state won the Omaha 8 or better tournament today. 11-1 morning line Norwegian Thor Hansen finished second with 25-1 outsider Brent Carter third. Phil Hellmuth 6th and Peter Costa 7th.

Peter decided to play in the 4pm PLO with rebuys. This was added at very short notice. Yesterday Harrahs changed the PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) no rebuy to a rebuy. Players complained so this morning the noon tournament reverted to a freezeout with a 4pm rebuy tournament added.

Harrahs certainly profited from the extra tournament. 154 players entered and the table with John Gale (of Bushey no less), Ram Vaswani (Hendon, where?), Tony G (Lithuanian Antanas Guoga now of Oz) and Thomas Wahlroos (Helsinki) were going all in blind during the first level. Tony G + Thomas benefitted as they are among the chip leaders 10 hours later.

Peter Costa said he was happy to have a tournament to play instead of having to go home and follow his final table on the internet. He rebought 4 times but has a real shot at back to back final table appearances.

No sign of Harry Demetriou today but if anyone else was missing I didn't notice.

Roland de Woolf is at the final of the shootout tomorrow.

I usually go home at the dinner break but a violent lightning storm forced me to stay at the Rio. I had a pretty Asian companion but Devilfish decided to sit with us and decided he fancied some Chinese. Not wanting Devilfish imprinted in my cheekbones I finished my dinner and returned to see the now three handed final table.

Picture 1) Scott Clements

Scott Clements
Scott Clements
PLO Rebuy with Vaswami left centre
PLO Rebuy Tournament

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