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World Series Of Poker
 Daily Report
June 25 – August 10 2006

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WSOP Editor in
Las Vegas
Good Gambling Guide Editor
29th July 2006

No fun watch someone turn $10k into $12k in 15 hours of poker so I forced myself back into the lifestyle show. Hopefully, since it is Saturday, I think, maybe the stands will draft in hundreds of schoolgirls, the daughters of Vegas' finest strippers and cocktail waitresses or bevertainers as the Rio calls them.

I bumped into Paul McCaffrey, the Irishman, who is in third place with 110k in chips. We go to the online sites to see if he can get a bit of insurance on his good fortune by relieving them of some rake money in return for wearing their logo shirt. I would just like to relieve them of some free logo wear to sell on ebay when I become unemployed after the WSOP.

The offers of $10k if you make the final table is laughable since he will be a millionaire if he makes the final table and $10k will be his tip to me for writing about him... Shrewder sites took his cell number and said they would review the situation when all four Day ones have finished. Like the Sheiks reviewing their 2-y-o at the end of the season before the classic races at three.

I also met Paul Spillane from Stans Poker. He told me they would probably be closing all American accounts as they wouldn't want to be arrested on arrival at next years WSOP. The pulling possibilties in Vegas must be better than Gibralter. That news was like receiving a windfall considering my losses betting on the poker.

Snooker player Stephen Hendrie played today. He must have thought the idea was to lose all your chips as fast as possible, he had left before I arrived.

Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla, played long enough for a photo opp for me. Ron Jeremy played and actresses Shannon Elizabeth and Robin Tunney.

Four players broke the 100k level yesterday. So far today, with 10 minutes remaining no player has.

1) Tom Parker Bowles 2) Paul McCaffrey 3) Stinky Fish

Tom Parker Bowles
Tom Parker Bowles at the WSOP 2006
Paul McCaffrey
Paul McCaffrey at the WSOP 2006
Stinky Fish
Stinky Fish at the Lifestyle show

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