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World Series Of Poker
 Daily Report
June 25 – August 10 2006

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WSOP Editor in
Las Vegas
Good Gambling Guide Editor
2nd August 2006

It is still a sea of unknown players out there. Wish I had a "field" bet on. I do have a bet on a player born outside the USA. Its hard to tell on my progress as players hometowns have not been included in the survivors lists. The Irish are claiming to have a strong team but since they are including Conor Tate + Tony Cascarino amongst their numbers I take it with a pinch of salt. (Both were eliminated today)

Brits coming back on Friday include : John Gale 146k, Gary Jones 172k, Tony Bloom 82k and Surinder Sunar 77k. My beloved Scandanavians Lars Bonding 164k, Tom Wahlroos 160k and Mikael Thuritz 115k.

Joe Hachem has nothing to prove with 114k. Greg Raymer (2004 champ) is out.

We are being restricted by ESPN starting Friday. This year they issued coloured badges. ESPN wear black, Harrahs photographers blue , Card Player green, the rest of us red. The media room is about 80% European.

Day off tomorow but I have a party invite so may give you a social update.

Model Joanna Krupa (PLAYBOY MAGAZINE – “The sexiest swimsuit model in the world") went out right at the end of play. The player to her right spent the day hitting on her. I hope he isn't married as ESPN have film evidence.

Chip leader is Dmitri Nobles with $496k. A complete unknown but I have a photo for you. He would be in the money even if he returned home for the weekend.

1) Dmitri 2) John Gale 3) Joanna Krupa

Dmitri Nobles
Dmitri Nobles, chip leader after day 2, WSOP 2006
John Gale
John Gale in the Championship WSOP 2006
Joanna Krupa
Joanna Krupa PLAYBOY MAGAZINE – “The sexiest swimsuit model in the world"
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