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Read [Gambling][UK] Apr 30th 2022
 Ads banned with Stars
Read [Trading][UK] Jan 18th 2022
 Trading is gambling
Read [Casino][World] Nov 30th 2021
 Crackdown on Macau casinos
Read [Poker][UK] Sep 17th 2021
 Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Sep 13th 2021
 888 buys William Hill
Read [Lottery][UK] Sep 8th 2021
 Four rivals bid for lottery
Read [Lottery][UK] Jul 25th 2021
 National Lottery contribution up 2.4%
Read [Casino][UK] Apr 14th 2021
 European operators in international markets
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Apr 8th 2021
 Betfred pays out £1.7m after court order
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Apr 1st 2021
 Denise Coates pay reaches £469m in 2020
Read [Index][UK] Mar 31st 2021
 Football Index cost customers millions
Read [Government][UK] Feb 3rd 2021
 UKGC enforces autoplay ban
Read [Online][UK] Jan 26th 2021
 YouTube users can opt out of gambling
Read [Government][UK] Dec 6th 2020
 Gambling laws review starts next week
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Oct 5th 2020
 Caesars agrees £2.9bn William Hill takeover
Read [Government][UK] Oct 4th 2020
 Downing Street to spearhead gambling reforms
Read [Casino][UK] Aug 15th 2020
 Reopening of Casinos in England
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 14th 2020
 Longest-priced winner in history
Read [Regulation][UK] Aug 13th 2020
 Matchbook returns to UK after license suspension
Read [Government][UK] Jul 2nd 2020
 Loot Boxes are gambling says House of Lords
Read [Regulation][UK] Jun 28th 2020
 MPs report slams Gambling watchdog
Read [Bookmaker][UK] May 24th 2020
 Bookmakers reclaim £350m FOBT tax
Read [Government][UK] Apr 14th 2020
 UK credit card ban comes into effect
Read [Casino][UK] Apr 3rd 2020
 Caesars Entertainment fined record £13m
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Mar 24th 2020
 Bet365 guarantee wages until September
Read [Online][UK] Mar 3rd 2020
 Brexit pushes casinos away from the UK
Read [Government][UK] Feb 29th 2020
 Gambling Commission is weak says NAO
Read [Government][UK] Jan 15th 2020
 Commission bans gambling on credit cards
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Dec 22nd 2019
 Bet365 boss has record £323m payday
Read [Online][UK] Nov 26th 2019
 Banks let customers block gambling spend
Read [Government][UK] Nov 12th 2019
 FOBT curbs to hit online gambling
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Oct 3rd 2019
 Betfair Paddy Power merge with Pokerstars
Read [Addiction][UK] Oct 1st 2019
 UK Gambling Helpline opens 24 hours a day
Read [Gambling][UK] Aug 4th 2019
 Gambling advert ban takes effect
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jul 31st 2019
 Ladbrokes Coral hit by £5.9m penalty
Read [Poker][UK] Jul 17th 2019
 Unbeatable poker-playing bot called Pluribus
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jul 4th 2019
 A quarter of UK betting shops to close
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jun 24th 2019
 Online bookmakers sell punters short
Read [Addiction][UK] Jun 23rd 2019
 Bookmakers pledge £100m to avoid crackdown
Read [Gambling][UK] Jun 17th 2019
 UK online gambling up but market declines
Read [Online][UK] Apr 28th 2019
 How the Internet Has Changed How We Gamble
Read [Legal][UK] Apr 26th 2019
 Government fails to back mandatory betting levy
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Apr 1st 2019
 Bookmakers cheat FOBT rules with new games
Read [Legal][Europe] Apr 1st 2019
 Kosovo bans gambling after casino murders
Read [Legal][UK] Feb 14th 2019
 Gambling ads banned for under 18s
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jan 29th 2019
 Skrill share Bet365 punter's details
Read [Lottery][USA] Jan 10th 2019
 Man arrested for stealing $10m lottery ticket
Read [Addiction][UK] Jan 5th 2019
 Addiction services get funding increase
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Dec 17th 2018
 Ladbrokes paid victims £1m to keep quiet
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Nov 14th 2018
 Government U-turn cuts delay to £2 FOBT stake
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Nov 13th 2018
 MPs call to accelerate curbs on FOBTs
Read [Slots][UK] Sep 4th 2018
 Record slot winner gives £4m to his best friend
Read [Lottery][UK] Sep 4th 2018
 National Lottery changes prizes in Nov 2018
Read [Gambling][UK] Aug 14th 2018
 Derek Webb awarded $315m in damages
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jul 26th 2018
 Bookmakers land £1bn tax rebate
Read [Greyhounds][World] Jul 20th 2018
 Notorious Greyhound track closes
Read [Casino][World] Jul 16th 2018
 Concerns for new Osaka Casino
Read [Gambling][UK] May 18th 2018
 FOBTs max stake is cut
Read [Bookmaker][UK] May 17th 2018
 Paddy Power Betfair in talks to buy FanDuel
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Apr 30th 2018
 Bookmakers use AI to keep gamblers hooked
Read [Gambling][UK] Feb 22nd 2018
 UKGC invites public opinion
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Feb 20th 2018
 William Hill fined £6.2m by Gambling Commission
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Nov 13th 2017
 Bet365 boss pays herself £217m
Read [Casino][UK] Oct 25th 2017
 Phil Ivey loses in Supreme Court
Read [Online][UK] Aug 31st 2017
 888 fined record £7.8m over problem gamblers
Read [Poker][World] Jul 24th 2017
 Scott Blumstein wins WSOP 2017
Read [Casino][UK] Jul 13th 2017
 Phil Ivey back to Supreme Court
Read [Betting][UK] Jun 24th 2017
 Online betting firms face CMA clampdown
Read [Betting][UK] Jun 22nd 2017
 FA cancels deals with betting firms
Read [Las Vegas][UK] Jun 10th 2017
 Russian Mafia Casino Hackers Arrested in Vegas
Read [Bingo][UK] May 31st 2017
 Greene King defeated in bid to put bingo in pubs
Read [Betting][UK] May 20th 2017
 Punters bet on Trump impeachment
Read [Betting][UK] Apr 20th 2017
 Red Rum wins again after 43 years
Read [Gambling][UK] Mar 21st 2017
 Irish Gamblers not entitled to winnings
Read [eSports][UK] Mar 20th 2017
 Gambling Commission warns parents
Read [Casino][UK] Mar 2nd 2017
 Phil Ivey gets Supreme Court appeal
Read [Betting][UK] Feb 8th 2017
 YouTubers fined over child gambling
Read [Poker][World] Feb 1st 2017
 AI crushes the poker pros
Read [Poker][World] Jan 11th 2017
 Poker bots take on the Pros
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 2nd 2017
 Gambling firms up gifts to MPs
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 5th 2016
 Ch 4 ends racing coverage early
Read [Online][UK] Nov 24th 2016
 Online is largest sector in GB
Read [Daily fantasy Sports][UK] Nov 21st 2016
 Draftkings and Fanduel agree to merger
Read [Casino][UK] Nov 4th 2016
 Phil Ivey loses £7.7m appeal
Read [Poker][World] Nov 2nd 2016
 Qui Nguyen wins WSOP championship
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Oct 22nd 2016
 Watchdog investigates online betting firms
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 16th 2016
 TV gambling Ad ban worries ITV
Read [eSports][UK] Sep 20th 2016
 First pair charged over eSports gambling
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Sep 17th 2016
 Prime Minister calls for FOBTs inquiry
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Sep 10th 2016
 Black Type Bet promises not to ban customers
Read [Betting][World] Jul 21st 2016
 Valve tackles Counter Strike gambling sites
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