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World Series Of Poker
 Daily Report
June 25 – August 10 2006

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WSOP Editor in
Las Vegas
Good Gambling Guide Editor
4th August 2006

The light is at the end of the tunnel. Everyone who hung around for dear life to make the money has grabbed the money with both hands and gone to the "Tilted Kilt" ( the place to go for a decent beer and/or fish n chips).

Except for Steve Davis. Steve seems to be stuck in a time warp. Everytime I walk by his chip count is the same. The only time he loses chips is overnight. Let me explain. Steve counted his chips at the end of day 1. $21k. Not difficult as the chips are 500 and 1000. He puts Steve Davis 21k on the bag. The next day he opens the bag to find $16k.

I have heard of the same thing happening from half a dozen players. One is going to the gaming board with his complaint. It will be interesting to see if the chips add up correctly at the end of the tournament.

John Gale is still the best of Britain as I write. John Magill is being hailed by Antes Up as the best of Ireland. He is probably from Tennessee but it comes out Tipperary after a guinness. (No he is from Northern Ireland)

Surinder Sunar, in true Steve Davis fashion, is nursing a short stack like his first born. The Irish haven't claimed Surinder yet.

Phil Hellmuth has been returning to the room and working the room like Bush on an election rally. Every time ESPN falls for it. This has not gone down to well in the media room who are told not to talk to players or obstruct the aisles.

Speaking of not going down well one media man ate two crayons, used for keno in the casino, to win a $400 bet. He was not working today.

Steve Davis wins $20216. John Gale had a bad beat after the dinner session and he is out. Amazing but Dmitri Nobles is still at the top of the leaderboard with another unknown Jon Lace. Both have 650k. The Scandies Wahlroos, Bonding + Thorson are right behind. Gary Jones has 387k. Joe Hachem (reigning champ) is alive with 139k. Veterans Tom McEvoy (1983 World Champion), Susie Isaacs and Melissa Hayden barely survived.

1) Steve Davis 2) Union Pants (trousers to you and me)
3) WSOP Chips

Steve Davis
Steve Daivs on Day 3 of the 2006 WSOP
Trouser Statement
Union Jack trousers
WSOP 2006 Chips
WSOP 2006 Chips

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