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27/02/2009 No.57
Kevin Pullein
Friday 27 Feb 2009
The referees who can generate profits for you in bookings markets are those with an undeserved reputation.

The Premier League referee with the most undeserved reputation is Mark Halsey. He is said to issue few cards, but that does not do him justice. He issues extraordinarily few cards.

In most bookings markets, 10 points are awarded for a yellow card and 25 for a red The average make-up in Premier League games most seasons is around the mid-30s. In none of the last seven seasons has the average make-up in Halsey's Premier League games been higher than 28. And so far this season it has been just 16.

Other referees with undeserved reputations are Steve Bennett and Rob Styles.

Yes, Bennett and Styles do tend to issue more cards than average, but not that many more. The average make-up during Bennett's Premier League career has been 39. And both last season and this season it has been 36. The average make-up during Styles's Premier League career has been 41.

The bookings bets that are most likely to represent value for money are those on low totals. And the games in which they are most likely to occur are those with a referee who has been misunderstood.
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