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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
T minus 7 - four tournaments in one day

So seven days to go before the big one kicks the ball into play (the $10,000 Championship Event). Imagine, if you will, a Saturn 5 rocket slowly inching its merry way along the concrete on pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center. The paint crew got blind drunk all last week and are having to finish the lettering on the side of the rocket as it trundles along. Before their alcoholic sabatical they had managed to finish the word "Apollo" on the side of the rocket and with shakey hands and big paint brushes they are now putting the final touches to the numeral "1". Radio communications with Mission Control are on the blink and what they should paint next, if anything, has yet to be ascertained.

To those who are old enough you may already have figured where this is going. To others I will explain. Apollo 1 was tragically brought to an end before it began as a fire in the cockpit killed three astronauts. Apollo 13 came to a premature end (without death) as part of the Command Module was blown off and Apollo 11 was a blinding success as Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin stepped onto the moon on 20 July 1969.

That was almost exactly 36 years ago to the day of the end of the this years' Championship Event and coincidentally this will be the 36th Championship Event! So here we wait with some anticipation to see if Mission Control can buy some batteries for their radio and get the painters to produce another "1".

Hopefully this ( two 36s) is an omen of good portent for the this years main event is going to be something of a juggernaut that, once electro-shocked into life, may just roll on a couple of days past the predicted deadline. If you are coming to play the $10,000 event this year, plan for a couple of days holiday after the 15th July, you might just need it. However, if you do need the extra days you are likely to be able to afford it with the money you are about to collect.

The World Series is taking place this year in the Convention Center of the Rio Suites Hotel, Las Vegas, half a mile from the middle of the Strip and the heart of the city. The last two days of the Championship Event will be held back at Binions in downtown Vegas where it all began 35 years ago. There are a lot more people here than in any other year and this large space is only just managing to cope with the demanding schedule placed upon the players and the organisers.

Today is an example of 'the best laid schemes o' mice an men' often go wrong. Event #32 has started ($5K Omaha hi-low split) as event #31 (No-limit Hold'em-Short handed 6/table) plays on from the last 30 players with a frighteningly strong field including Brunson, Scotty, Hennigan, Flack, Juanda, Men "The Master", Jesus (not of Nazareth) Ferguson, John Duthie and Kirill Gerasimov. Next to them the last three tables of event #30 were playing their way down to a finish and the final table of the 1072 player strong event #29 (No-limit Hold'em). Meanwhile persistent cash players were refusing to let mere tournaments get in their way as they battled to stay put at the front of the enormous venue hall.

Yet through this avalanche of players and journalists and cocktail waitresses (and waiters) there remains the desire to succeed and produce winners and losers in the traditional unfortunate ratio. Tournaments get finished and players play cash through the night. Others disappear to the Palms to play another tournament and still more venture to the crazy cash games at the Bellagio. But the one thing that is reviving faith in poker, and despite the enormous fields, is the abillity of the great players to come through and win and we have just witnessed Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, T.J. Cloutier and Barry Greenstein pick up gold bracelets. It bodes well for the main event.

Most people however pay 10 bucks for 15 bottles of beer until they fall off their chair and are wheeled up to their suites, or in my case, put into a taxi to a less expensive hotel on the strip.

Move on to tomorrows report
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