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World Series Of Poker
 $2,500 Omaha 8 or Better Result  
21st June
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

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Event : #21
Entries : 359 (234)
Buy-in : $2500
Prize Pool : $825,700
Report by Nolan Dalla

All Results
Money Leaders
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Todd Brunson Las Vegas, NV $255,945
2 Allen Kessler Huntingdon Valley, PA $132,110
3 Tom Fischer Las Vegas, NV $66,055
4 Manny Minaya Tampa, FL $57,800
5 Frank Reynolds W. Hollywood, CA $49,540
6 Allyn Jaffrey Shulman Laguna Niguel, CA $41,285
7 Glenn Cozen S. Pasadena, CA $33,030
8 Ben Lang San Diego, CA $24,770
9 Nat Koe Irvine, CA $16,515
10 Lance Allred Pasadena, CA $9,910
30 Ross Boatman London $3,305
34 Scotty Nguyen Henderson, NV $3,305
When Todd Brunson was 23-years-old, he approached his parents. He told them that he intended to become a professional poker player. After graduating from Texas Tech University, Brunson had many career options from which to choose. But like his famous father who made an identical decision a generation earlier, Brunson figured he could make a much better living toiling across the green felt rather than conforming to a more conventional way of life.

Doyle Brunson later told the story that upon hearing his son Todd wanted to become a professional poker player, he acted displeased. “I knew that his mother would be upset, so I acted like I didn’t want him to do it. But, the truth is – when I heard Todd wanted to be a poker player, I was very proud inside.”

From the first day Todd Brunson walked into a public cardroom, he became an object of curiosity. Most new poker players conduct themselves anonymously. They make common mistakes, make bad decisions, and lose money while learning to become better poker players. No one remembers beginning players or their errors. Brunson was in a different league. He knew that every decision would be dissected, every action evaluated, and every session assessed.

Imagine being the son of Jack Nicklaus and teeing-off at The Masters. Or, growing up as Bill Walton’s son and playing in the NBA. While these children of legendary sports figures failed to live up to the lofty expectations of the public and media, Todd Brunson can now say he has stepped out of the long shadow cast by his famous father.

Todd Brunson is a 35-year-old poker player who has won 10 major events in his lifetime. He also routinely plays in the biggest cash games in the world, mostly in Las Vegas. This was his first WSOP victory. Given the magnitude of his father’s shadow, it would be impossible to dismiss the fact that Todd Brunson’s victory was indeed historic. Todd and Doyle Brunson became the first father-son duo in World Series of Poker history to win gold bracelets.

The reality is – given that Todd Brunson already plays in (and routinely wins) the highest-limit poker games in the world, and has now won a WSOP championship – he deserves to be judged on his own merits and accomplishments….just as though his last name was ‘Smith’ or ‘Jones.’ But that won’t happen. He will always be judged as a ‘Brunson.’ And that’s the toughest scale of all.

Official Report by Nolan Dalla – World Series of Poker Media Director
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