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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
T minus 3 - The Fish is in the Woods
4th July 2005

AT 13:34 Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson, the 2000 World Champion, arrived at his table to play the $1000 rebuy no limit satellite tournament. This tournament started with 800+ players. He had lost half his chips already and instantly took the option of rebuying, as pretty much everyone in the room had already done anyway. Money was literally flying through the air in an atmosphere of chaotic disregard for its value. It was uplifting to see the desperate lengths players were prepared to go to in an attempt to cut the cost of entering the $10,000 World Championship event to a couple of thousand dollars. Most of them will be disapointed but that still means a good 40 players getting their ticket.
James Woods

Table 44 made for the best early viewing with the very determined 58 year old Hollywood actor, James Woods. His luck was in to find himself on a table with Marcel Luske from Amsterdam and Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliot from Hull, England. The other seven players had 'rabbit in the headlight' looks on their faces as neither of the three stars could stop trying to out talk each other at one hundred and ten decibels.

The picture on the right shows James Woods deep in contemplation when heads up with the Devilfish. Woods raised with Ace-King and got called by Ulliot. The flop showed 2-5-7 rainbow (no flush draw) and it was Ulliot to bet which he duly did, about double the pot size. As Woods thinks, Ulliot never gives up on the verbal assault. Finally Woods throws his cards away saying "You're talking so ******* much you must have something". Ulliot replies "I'm nice to my friends", and turns over 7-7 for top set. Woods adds "thanks very much, you stopped me getting into trouble".

Many people will recall Woods in the film Casino but few will remember him playing a small role in virtually his first film, and possibly the best gambling movie of all, The Gambler.

Back in the Pot Limit Omaha which cost $10K to enter, we are into our third day with no end in sight. Something odd with the structure but the players aren't complaining. Down to two tables at 4p.m. where only five of the sixteen players were from the USA. The Brits playing were Gardner, Costa, Trumper, John Gale, Dave Baxter and Tony Bloom.

Paul Maxfield went out on the bubble (one spot before the money) when Seidel bet, Lederer raised and Paul re-raises. Rafi Amit the eventual winner, thinks and thinks and then calls. The other two pass. Maxfield assumes his Aces (double suited) are worth something on a flop of Jack-Eight-Five but after going all-in he finds Amit with Jack-Eight-Five-Ten offsuit. Bye. Details

The heads-up contest was a tough four hour struggle made interesting by the colourful language used by the winner which resulted in him getting a ten minute penalty. Cards were dealt to the players but his antes were just handed over to Vinny Vinh. It was very slow as Amit and his supporters screamed "blue murder" with no security guards to help the organisers. Amazingly this did not damage him too much and Amit went on to win.

The days' reporting was cut short when some of the press and players were forced to drive out into the desert (to be shot we thought) and drink cold beer accompanied by next to raw steaks cooked by chef without equal Roy Brindley. They were great, an experience which is staying with me.

Today's bet for the Championship event is Tony (The Lizard) Bloom, at 150 - 1 with Blus Sq..

Pictures from today T minus 3.

Move on to tomorrows report
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