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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
T minus 4 - Elvis is in the building
3rd July 2005

Bruce as ElvisBruce Atkinson of Brighton, England, has cashed 8 times in the WSOP over the last three years picking up $41,615. His kind heart and generosity overwhelmed the poker players and onlookers during todays tournaments when he treated them to his favourite rendition of an Elvis song, one that must have not been released so far as I know them all backwards and it wasn't one of them. It was pretty good though. It was four o'clock in the afternoon and playing for a million dollars was getting boring. They were relieved and happy for the release of tension and gave him the clap.

This weekend is 4th July weekend. The Stars and Stripes are everywhere and the town is full of people wanting to party. Most are quite young and the town is a little under funded when it comes to infrastructure and the ability to deal with a one hundred thousand people brat party when the temperature never falls below 90 degrees.

I myself made the mistake of leaving the Rio Suites Hotel at 1 a.m. last night. Its a 15 minute walk to the taxi rank which puts blisters on your feet like you've never seen before. I was at first a little dismayed to see 50 people in the queue, especially as it was still into the nineties and sweating is not my favourite pastime. I would soon understand that I was going nowhere as Las Vegas began to resemble a cheap British seaside resort on a bank holiday weekend. There were two rows of taxis for departing customers to board on their way back to the Strip. The left hand row was held up by the taxi driver fighting to pull a disgruntled passeger the size of whale out from the back seat of his cab. The right hand line was halted by a policewoman wrestling with a woman who had just pushed her head through the lowered cab driver's window so that she could projectile vomit over him and the car. I'm home!

Giving up on that I walked over to the Gold Coast next door to find no cabs at all. Then back to the Rio. One hundred people in the queue now so I found the shuttle bus which was amazingly free of people, ostensibly because the weekend drunks didn't know it existed. That got me to Harrah's Casino on the strip where I tried the new monorail train. Another long trip only to find it was shut to stop people shrowing up in that as well. So I walked home to Ballys, it was hot and ugly with the odd nutter trying to free me of a few dollars. One and a half hours to get from the Rio to Ballys which is half a mile. Come back friday afternoons in London, all is forgiven.

Back in the playing hall there was once again four tournaments in progress. Today the starting event was Limit Holdem $3000 buy-in with a low sub-500 turnout. Already at the final table stage was event #33 No Limit Holdem $3000. Also at the same place were the Senior players apparently let out of their homes for the second day in a row. The main spectator crowd were gazing at event #35, the $10,000 PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) with every top player in the world playing.

AT 21:30 there were still 30 players left, playing down to a single table for tomorrow. Half the remaining field were European with a strong British element, showing just how important experience in the pot limit game really is. Paul Maxfield, John Gale, Trumper, Surindar Suanr, Peter Coasta, Dave Baxter, Tony Bloom, Barney Boatman and Julian Gardner were all well placed. Bruno Fitoussi and Pascal Perault from Paris were also in contention. Amongst the US players you could see Ferguson, Seidel and Eric Lindgren but most of the very best players from the other side of the Atlantic had perished.

Results from all of these tomorrow.

Our new co-occupants of the convention center are the National Championship Finals of the Spotlight Dance Cup. This is more like it. Beautiful South American ladies in the most revealing outfits wearing fruit on their head and sporting ridiculous stiletto heels sauntering into the playing room and completely stopping the action.

Todays poker tip is an absolute gem. When in Vegas head for the new Wynn Casino. They have a new poker room in ther with the best seats in the world of poker room history. More imprtantly the players aren't too familiar with the concept of winning.

Today's bet for the Championship event is Ben Roberts, at 150 - 1 with Blus Sq. to make the final table or Chris Moneymaker150 - 1.

Pictures from today T minus 4.
Move on to tomorrows report
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