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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
Day 5 - Jailbreak
13th July 2005

57 to 27
Two Las Vegans Mike Matasow and Phil Ivey lead Steven Dannenmann on the trip downtown tomorrow.
Mike Matasow

At the beginning of the day there were seven tables of players, ringed by media journalists and they in turn were surrounded by spectators. Every time an "all-in" call was made two camera crews plus sound men plus ESPN floor co-ordinator were all over them giving little chance for anyone else to get a glimpse of the action. Johnny Grooms, the Tournament Director, helped build the drama inspite of the greedy TV team, by calling every move on the table, card by card as they turn over.

One table of players was on a stage for continuous monitoring by the cameras, the player make-up of which was orchestrated in a slightly artificial way so as to be more sellable when ESPN start screening their version of the World Series on the 18 July on American TV. Players sitting next to each other were Greg Raymer, the defending champion, and Tiffany Williams, an American woman who calls herself a Londoner and plays regularly there.

Raymer had been struggling since his day three lead and was always to act after Tiffany. She makes a raise and Raymer finds a hand to push his million chips in with. Williams thinks for a long time, undecided to the extent that she stands to push her chips in and then stops herself with a new thought. Then seat 9 decides he has had enough and calls the floot manager to put the clock on her, not easy because the grandstanding press and spectators have isolated the feature table.

Finally she does call and its not unexpected as Raymer turns over a pair of Kings. The crowd is amazed when Tiffany reveals Ace-Jack, a pretty weak hand to call a million chips at this stage. The flop, turn and river brought no drama and Raymer had doubled through and was once again a threat for the most amazing back to back in the history of anything.

Play finished early at 20:00 when there were 27 players left. Chips Day 5. Pictures from today Day 5. Players who made it to the Prize list.

Tonight was an early exit from the playing hall. To the middle of the strip we went and back to Ballys for some chinese food at PF Changs, a chain with outlets all over town. The menu I have to say was not typically vast as you might expect in a Chinatown restaurant in London, New York or San Fransisco. I was eating opposite Aaron Virchis from Southampton, England. Without conversing we both came up with the same selection for starter and main. So I changed mine.

I recommend it. If you want something oriental and quick, which is quite unique here, then try one of these chain outlets. We had noodle dishes of different varieties and soup to start and they were very decent. $55 for two.

I left for a walk through a mock french village scene that lies in between Ballys and the Paris, properties now owned by Harrahs who own 7 properties here. If you want to insult some French friends, take them here. If you want to insult your wallet, buy something.

A short walk next door and you find the Aladdin, the casino that nealry sunk British firm London Clubs who no longer have any part of it. Its not special inside, dull infact, but there is a poker room situated near the front doors that is actually quite a nice place to play in. It has thick chunky walls to seperate it from the casino and has its own restrooms so you don't have to go anywhere. Best point of the room is an "Aladdin's Cave" waiting room, where you can sit and relax whilst waiting for a game in stark contrast to others on the strip that make you stand arround like an idiot.

Games played are limit Holdem up to 10-20 and No-limit with 1-2 blinds or 2-5 blinds. Twelve tables.

More tomorrow.

Next days report
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