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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
T minus 2 - Foot and Mouth Disorder
5th July 2005

I've been waiting and waiting and finally the desert air has caught up with me. Eight days in and my throat feels like I swallowed a small hedgehog, the wrong way, if indeed there is a right way. People are assuming its the endless lemon-margaritas they forced me to drink at the Full Tilt (a rival poker site) party over at Wynn's casino night club, La Betes. Curious that the translation from Spanish is 'daisy' and more curoius that the barman wasn't the least bit interested in that fact.
Doyle Brunson in the deuce to seven draw

Todays tournament is the Deuce-to-Seven $5000 rebuy. This is a throw back from early days of World Series poker and only 65 players felt they could afford it and play it. Still, last year there were only 46. The 65 players managed another 139 rebuys to make a pool of $986,860 and a first prize of $365,135, not bad for such a small field.
(Find how to play Deuce-to-Seven)

Doyle Brunson (right) sits waitng to play the event whilst giving a few minutes of his time to a fan. Doyle has the biggest following of any poker player here with attention nearing the deity level.

The tournament had a strange air about it, the shock of starting with five cards and then being able to exchange as many as you like for new cards from the dealer seemed to be getting to experienced players. Carlos Mortenson went all-in with a made Ten only to be called by Barry Greenstein with three low cards and two picture cards. Barry discards the two paints and recieves a nine and a six to make a nine low and gets Carlos mouthing a few Spanish words of encouragement. Re-buy, another $5000.

It was so riveting that Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal, forced me to drink at the bar telling tales of yore. He's been here a few days getting to grips with the new world of poker we are in and successfully trouncing the young-uns in the satellites. His first victim in his first hand was of the new school of poker etiquette as Tony drew runner-runner hearts for the nut flush. Apparently the new way of congratulating your opponent is let to fly with your hand and thus the cards came flying through the air hitting Tony in the head.

Oh, and the foot disorder. I've got blisters from walking 3 miles a day to my room and back that are the size of golf balls.

As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, less than one day to go, we are up 5200 paid players.

Today's tip is to eat at the Italian restaurant, Antonios in the Rio. All the dishes we tried were excellent but my sanguine tip of the week is take the Sangiovese at $29 a bottle. You could pay $100 more and be worse off!

Pictures from today T minus 2.

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