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World Series Of Poker
 $5000 Omaha Hi-Lo Result  
30th June
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

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Event : #32
Entries : 224 (121)
Buy-in : $5000
Prize Pool : $1,052,800
GGG Editor's Report
Report by Nolan Dalla

All Results
Money Leaders
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 David Chiu Rowland Hts, CA $347,410
2 Russel Salzer New York, NY $191,610
3 Haim Kakoun Paris, France $105,280
4 Daniel Horowitz Silver Spring, MD $84,225
5 Stephen Ladowsky Toronto, Canada $63,170
6 Hiroshi Shimamura Tokyo, Japan $52,640
7 Allen Cunningham Marina Del Rey, CA $42,110
8 Bueno Patrick Paris, France $31,585
9 Daniel Shak Bryn Maur, PA $21,055
10 Chad Brown Los Angeles, CA $14,740
11 Marcel Luske Aimere, Netherlands $10,530
Nolan Dalla's Report 

David Chiu regularly plays in the highest-limit cash games in the world. Sitting in ‘the big game,’ there are players that every poker aficionado would recognize – names like Brunson, Greenstein, Chan, Cunningham, Ivey, Seidel, and others. In a game where winning or losing six-figures is not unusual but probable, one might expect any debate about winning poker tournaments to be inconsequential. Then again, the World Series of Poker is no ordinary tournament.

David Chiu watched the first month of this year’s World Series and saw all of his friends winning gold bracelets. Allen Cunningham won his fourth (Event #2). Erik Seidel won his seventh (Event #9). Barry Greenstein won his second (Event #19). Johnny Chan won his tenth (Event #25). Phil Ivey won his fifth (Event #27). Doyle Brunson won his tenth (Event #31). Left out of the celebration, Chiu must have felt like the poor kid who wasn’t invited to the birthday party.

Even a quiet, low-profile professional poker player like David Chiu has an enormous amount of pride. The last thing he wanted to go through when he returned to the big game was hear all the chatter about gold bracelets. So, Chiu – a three-time winner -- had to go out and get yet another gold bracelet on his own.

And that’s exactly what he did.

This was the biggest Omaha High-Low tournament in history. For the first time ever, an Omaha High-Low event generated a prize pool in excess of one million dollars. After 215 players were eliminated on the first two days, the nine finalists returned to the final table on Day Three. Daniel Horowitz, from Las Vegas, arrived as the chip leader. Two of the finalists were former gold bracelet winners – Allen Cunningham (a 4-time winner) and David Chiu (a 3-time winner, coming in).

David Chiu, age 44, was born in China. He first worked as a dealer years ago when small stakes poker games were legalized in Colorado. Chiu gradually played his way up in limits and won as much peer-respect as money along the way. In recent years, Chiu has taken his place amongst the biggest and best players in the world. He won his first WSOP gold bracelet in 1996. He also won the Tournament of Champions in 1999.

Brunson, Chan, and the rest -- are all bona fide poker legends. Maybe it’s now time to put David Chiu into the same category.

Official Report by Nolan Dalla – World Series of Poker Media Director
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