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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
Day 4 - 15 seconds of fame
12th July 2005

Socrates - "Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds"

185 player down to 57
Today we had the specter of Greg Raymer actually having a chance of a back-to-back success in the most ridulously large tournament of any sport in the world. Not that we begrudge him for he is a genuine guy who has a thoroughly different approach to poker from many of the other self acclaimed luminaries, and he is good. He entered, as chip leader, day 4 and had early success, trying his luck against Gen Watanabe who declared all in with a pair of Jacks before the flop. Raymer, seeing the small size of the bet, called with 6-8 offsuit. The board came 2-3-5 two spades, no help. The turn card brought an eight giving Raymer a straight draw but with 4 spades in Gen's hand he only had six cards to win with. Last card, nine of clubs and Gen went out in 110th spot with $65,360 compensation.

Tiffany Williams

Big mover of the day was Mike Matusow who zoomed into second place in the chip standings. Mike is famous for being set-up for a drugs possesion arrest for whic he was sentenced by Judge Mosley in Clark County District Court to six months in prison just after last years World Series. Here he has shrugged that off and continues in strong form.

Andy Black from Dublin had the most vocal support. It seems like a group of football hooligans have gone undetected by security and every significant hand that Black picks up we are treated to a round of Uggy uggy...... And when the aussie

Todays adventure was way out west towards the mountains that stop Nevada from joining the rest of the planet. Over at 2620 Regatta Drive #106 Las VEgas NV 89128 there is a little place of heaven, although of somewhat mixed heritage. Marché Bacchus is a curious looking place, very innocuous from the outside. Inside you enter a world of European wine and then still further a small restaurant of about 20 tables. Ten of these tables are outside beside a man-made lake.

Myself and fellow Brit and Las Vegas resident, Derek Payne, chose to sit outside because it was only 102 degrees. There was the choice of an under canopy mist enhanced experience but we went for the full mad dogs approach and sat at a nice table with a view over the lake. We asked for overcoats but they didn't understand.

I must say that is was all very genteel, starter of Vichyssoise (cold) and the Escalope of Veal were really very good. My advice to you for the wine is to wander through the shop and select something you know about. I took the house Chianti and it wasn't all that good. We finished with coffee and quite unusually we had lost a couple of pounds in weight at the completion of the meal. Its a new way to diet.

Houses around the lake retail at something in the region of $1,000,000 but they are extensive.

Play continued until about 01:00 when there were 57 players left. Chips Day 4. Pictures from today Day 4. Players who made it to the Prize list.

Next days report
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