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World Series Of Poker
 $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout Result  16th June
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

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Event : #15
Entries : 595 (240)
Buy-in : $1500
Prize Pool : $541,450
Report by Nolan Dalla

All Results
Money Leaders
Players begin with $1,500 in tournament chips. One player advances from each table of Rd 1 to Rd 2. The number of players advancing from each Rd 2 table to the Final Table will depend on the number of entries.
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Mark Seif Incline Village, NV $181,330
2 William Shaw Seattle, WA $93,770
3 Alex Borteh Columbus, OH $46,885
4 Robert Mizrachi Sunny Isles, FL $40,675
5 Quinn Do Seattle, WA $34,465
6 Aram Zerounian Foothill Ranch, CA $28,255
7 Kathy Liebert Las Vegas, NV $24,840
8 Sam Siharath Toronto $18,630
9 M.J. Partin Maui, HI $12,420
Tie/10 Humberto Brenes Miami, FL $6,830
Tie/10 Chris Tsiprailiois Liverpool, NY $6,830
Tie/28 Thomas McEvoy Las Vegas, NV $2,795
Mark Seif lives his life in the fast lane. The former defense attorney-turned-poker pro once made a living defending the most nefarious members of society. Quick to point out that our Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to a fair trial and the best legal representation possible, Seif parlayed his love for the law into a thriving private practice. Seif was so good at his job that he turned down cases that could have been exceedingly lucrative.

As successful as Seif was in his legal career, his courtroom triumphs came at a price and extracted a personal toll. Seif found his profession unfulfilling. He needed something more. “I used to love trying cases in court,” Seif explained. “But what I didn’t like was doing all of the hours of preparation. I eventually discovered that what I liked most about the law was the competition. So that made me gravitate towards playing poker.”

Eager to satisfy those competitive instincts, Seif started playing poker during his spare time, mostly in cardrooms scattered around Los Angeles. Once Seif discovered a new game with a different battleground, he became increasingly fascinated with poker’s subtle nuances. He started playing in tournaments and became convinced that he could make a decent living at the game. It might not have been quite as profitable as working as a high-profile LA-based defense attorney, but in poker Seif found something that was both personally rewarding and more fun at the poker table.

Stark decisions require vindication. The notion that anyone would make such a drastic career change voluntarily can only be proven right by doing something even more extraordinary. One means of vindication is winning a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker. It is what Oscars are to actors, and what Nobel Prizes are to scientists. On a near-empty stage at 4:15 in the morning at the Rio Pavilion, Mark Seif’s personal and professional detour was validated. After years of coming to the world’s most prestigious poker tournament and later flying away in disappointment, Seif finally snapped on poker’s most coveted piece of jewelry. Winning a case at the Supreme Court would not have been as satisfying.

Seif’s victory came in Event #15. The Limit Shootout championship requires different skills than are required for standard poker tournaments. In a shootout, the goal is to outlast all the players at your table, much like the way a single-table satellite is played. The player who wins his/her respective table moves on to play in the next shootout round, until the final table takes place and the champion is determined. Each time a new shootout begins, all players start with the same number of chips. So, ‘early’ chip leaders are insignificant in the grand scheme of shootout strategy. Surviving, outlasting, and ultimately winning are the goals.

The total prize pool amounted to $621,000. The final table included the defending champion for this event, tournament pro Kathy Liebert – who won her first and only gold bracelet last year in the shootout event. All players began with an equal number of chips when play began.

Official Report by Nolan Dalla – World Series of Poker Media Director
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