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World Series Of Poker
 $5000 Limit Hold’em Result  
27th June
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

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Event : #28
Entries : 269 (New event)
Buy-in : $5000
Prize Pool : $1,264,300
GGG Editor's Report
Report by Nolan Dalla

All Results
Money Leaders
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Dan Schmiech Houston, TX $404,585
2 Gabe Kaplan Los Angeles, CA $222,515
3 James Kwon Chicago, IL $113,785
4 Annie Duke Portland, OR $88,500
5 Joe Sebok San Francisco, CA $75,860
6 Luke Neely Austin, TX $63,215
7 Jeff Shulman Las Vegas, NV $50,570
8 Young Phan Irvine, CA $37,930
9 Greg Mueller Vancouver, BC $25,285
10 Amir Vahedi Sherman Oaks, CA $15,170
21 Men “The Master” Nguyen Bell Gardens, CA $7,585
26 David Chiu Rowland Heights, CA $7,585
It’s been said that Texas Hold’em originated over a century ago. It was first played on ranches and open prairies. Cattlemen drove livestock to market. Many spent their evenings playing poker. Legend has it that during one fateful cattle drive, so many cowboys wanted to play poker one evening that each player in the game was dealt two down cards (instead of five) and shared the community cards flopped up in the middle. Believe the story or not -- Texas hold’em was born.

Given the game’s history, perhaps it’s fitting that the 2005 Limit Hold’em world championship was won by a native Texan. Dan Schmiech, who was born in Brownwood, TX and currently lives in Houston, stampeded over a large field of 269 players.

The entry fee was $5,000 per player, meaning a total prize pool of well over $1.2 million. The final table included an interesting mix of players: SEAT 1: Joe Sebok 184,000 SEAT 2: Annie Duke 150,000 SEAT 3: James Kwon 227,000 SEAT 4: Gabe Kaplan 209,000 SEAT 5: Dan Schmiech 219,000 SEAT 6: Young Phan 144,000 SEAT 7: Luke Neely 94,000 SEAT 8: Jeff Shulman 38,000 SEAT 9: Greg "FBT" Mueller 89,000

Dan Schmiech is a 44-year-old professional poker player from Houston, TX. Prior to playing poker, Schmiech worked in sales. He admits that he has been working on his tournament strategy recently and plays regularly on the internet. First place paid $404,585.

Schmiech stated that his goal when first sitting down to play was to make it into the money. Once that objective was accomplished, he vowed to make it to the final table. Then, his final goal was to win. All three goals ended up coming true. “I’m pleased with the way I played tonight,” Schmiech said afterwards. “I think I played really well. I also caught some cards, so it worked out both ways.”

Official Report by Nolan Dalla – World Series of Poker Media Director
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