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World Series Of Poker
 $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold 'em Result  
25th June
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

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Event : #25
Entries : 425 (316)
Buy-in : $2500
Prize Pool : $977,500
Report by Nolan Dalla

All Results
Money Leaders
A Perfect "10" -- Poker legend Johnny Chan becomes first player in World Series of Poker history to win ten gold bracelets - Report
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Johnny Chan Las Vegas, NV $303,025
2 Phil Laak San Jose, CA $156,400
3 Richard Osborne Martinez, CA $78,200
4 Frank Kassela Germantown, TN $68,425
5 Jerri Thomas Hamilton, OH $58,650
6 Tony Hartmann Minneapolis, MN $48,875
7 Richard Harroch San Francisco, CA $39,100
8 Ashok Surapaneni Las Vegas, NV $29,325
9 Jose Brenes Miami Lakes, FL $19,550
10 Ivo Donev Bregenz, Austria $11,730
11 Stuart Fox Birmingham, England $11,730
27 Barny Boatman London, England $5,865
World Series of Poker history is filled with memorable moments: Doyle Brunson's back-to-back wins in 1976 and 1977 holding his trademark hand -- ten-deuce; Stu Ungar's rise from the ashes in his third world championship (a.k.a. "the comeback") in 1997; Online poker player Chris Moneymaker's stunning victory in 2003. These events rank among the most unforgettable poker memories.

What happened at 3:18 am on Sunday night at the Rio Pavilion in Las Vegas ranks right up there as one of the game's greatest moments. Johnny Chan won a record tenth WSOP gold bracelet. After a two-year stretch during which poker's three most famous players remained locked in a virtual dead heat with nine gold bracelets each (lifetime wins), Chan finally broke through and became the first player to win Number Ten.

It would be hard to decide which was more exciting - the final duel between Chan and Phil "the Unibomber" Laak -- or, the fanfare of media and well-wishers swarming around Chan afterward.

Neither of these things would have happened had it not been for one dazzling hand during four-handed play at the final table. Chan was dealt Q-Q. His opponent, Frank Kassela, was dealt A-A. The former world champion was all-in. Chan, not accustomed to needing help from the deck, was in serious trouble. Almost as though his fate was pre-ordained, the flop brought a queen. The jam-packed crowd went ballistic. In mere seconds, Chan went from one step away from the rail to the chip lead. Indeed, pocket queens would prove to be lucky for Johnny Chan.

The tournament began with 425 entrants. Finalists included three former gold bracelet winners - Johnny Chan, Jerri Thomas, and Humberto Brenes. The chip leader was formidable poker pro, Tony Hartman. Johnny Chan moves into second place alltime moneywinner.

Official Report by Nolan Dalla – World Series of Poker Media Director
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