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 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
Day 2 - Its poker Jim, but not as we know it
10th July 2005

Oscar Wilde - " Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. "

Eighteen hundred and eighty four people made it through the three parts of day one, reducing the official field of 5619 to a number that could just fit into the playing hall. Johnny Grooms, tournament director, asked for moment of silence for the people in London which was well observed. More than 600 players in the Championship and at least 100 of the media members were from the British Isles.

Level 8 of the WSOP 2005 Championship continued where Day 1 finished, 25 minutes in with antes at 75 and blinds at 300-600. Play blasted into action as all the stragglers from the first day, who battled hard just to get into Day 2, let rip with the betting. Players began exiting at an incredible rate which averaged approximately 2 per minute.

One player, Simon Moore, at the tender age of 21 and just legally able to gamble in the state of Nevada, was playing his first live game after winning his place through the internet at Blue Square. His quiet demenour gave his lack of experience away but getting half way through Day 2 put him ahead of more than 4000 players.
Johnny Rocket

More Englishness showed itself when a player went all-in on Table 76 only to see himself behind when he cards were turned over. The dealer dealt the flop and the turn and he was still down but when the necessary King appeared as the last card he let out a cry of joy shouting 'yeh'. Immediately he grabbed his mouth as if to control himself and apologised to the table, in itself an unusual sight.

Plenty of drama in the days play as people felt the tension of nearing the money. Johnny "Rocket" stood up on a chair to gather a crowd around his table, obviously fearing the worst from his all-in play and subsequent call. When the table was completely surrounded the players revealed their cards, Ace-Ten of clubs for Johnny and Aces for his opponent. Aclub arrived on the flop, a straight draw with the turn but no joy on the river.

Two tables away, and half an hour before the end of play, Chip Reese who still holds the interest of those watching the game for more than 20 years, got all in having made a flush on the flop. His opponent had trips and we all new what happened as the crowd around him erupted with disbelief. The board had paired and Chip was out.

With 560 places being paid and the end of the day looming, there were only a few more people to go out before everyone left could take home money. On the stage where one table was earmarked for ESPN srutiny, Phil Ivey battled it out with those chosen to be shown on the forthcoming TV presentation. On the four sided screen above the table, the seated audience roared with laughter as the fourth Queen arrived on the turn. Ivey bet as if he had an Ace (the top hand being 4 Queens and an Ace) and was called. Then an even bigger and more astonished roar as the last card to be dealt on the table was itself an Ace. The pot was split as best possible hand available was the one in the middle of the table, 4 Queens with an Ace.

Literally 30 seconds after the four Queens hand, behind me on table 23 just minutes before the end of play, more eruptions took place. Seatts three and seven got all-in as the flop was dealt 2-4-Q. Seat 3 turned a pair of 2s to show this hand as trip deuces. He groaned as seat 7 turned over Q-Q for a hand of trip Queens. The turn was a ten and then the fourth deuce arrived resulting in a 300lb man causing a small earth quake as he returned to the ground.

The big story at the end of the day was the continuing success of Greg Raymer, now 9th over all with $318,700 in the chip standings.

Today I ordered room service, a salad and a coffee, for the express purpose of saving time. An hour and fifteen minutes.

Pictures from today Day 2.

Next days report
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