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World Series Of Poker
 Editor's Reports
June 2, 2005 – July 15, 2005

The Editor in
Las Vegas
T minus 5 - $10,000 Omaha brings out strongest field ever
2nd July 2005

One hundred and sixty five of the very best players in the world turned out to play the double life (half your chips at the start and the other half whenever you want to shout 'life') Omaha tournament with a $10,000 buy-in. Although they didn't manage to fill even one quarter of the huge playing room their reputations and egos were tangibly spreading through the air space and delighting the crowd of onlookers. Great names out-numbered those you did not know and many a world series winner sat next to another. Check out the pictures. Banter was thick with insult of the less than innuendo variety. On one particular table there was a lot of "shut the f*** up" going around but who the devil they were I can't tell you.

An unfortunate side effect of running four tournaments simultaneously with fifteen satelites and fifty tables of cash games is that constant announcements by five different annoucers polute the air without a discernable break. After three hours sleep and a hangover there simply wasn't enough aspirin at the local Wall Mart to keep just my head from exploding. Hampshire and England player Roy Brindley, having won his seat in the Omaha event a few days prior to the start, also complained and said he was rueing his lack of ear protection. I told him that I couldn't take a picture of him without a couple of beers to stop the inevitable hand shake from the night before, he replied "I can't play poker without at least a couple of beers". Well said.

Alongside the Omaha the Omaha Hi-Lo event (#32) players were down to nine and playing their final. Next to them the $3000 No Limit tournament (#33) was playing down from the last fifty. Half a mile away in another corner, 800 people were participating in the Seniors event, 800 people who didn't consider 'senior' was an adjective too far. Either that or their addiction over-ruled their sense. Some seniors were adverts for living the good life, looking less than forty as they did. Clearly their life had been devoid of alcohol and nicotene. This in itself is a major triumph over the traditional poker ethics of depravity and self-abuse, 'not that there's anything wrong in that' (Seinfeld quote).

Others, however, were up-front adverts for the poker lifestyle. Aversion to ultra-violet light and excercise, a sophisticated taste in hot dogs (no mayo or ketchup or you're dead) and other things we won't mention, like snow isn't for skiing on.

At 19:15 the days' second final (#32) started. Well I mean they started playing with ten people on the last (not final) table and when they lost one player it was decided to come back tomorrow and play the final (and last) table. If I made it up you wouldn't believe me so I'll just have to tell you the truth.The seniors event moves on into the night with the ambitous goal of finishing in one day. At 23:00 there were 50 left.

Aside from us in the WSOP a little convention was taking place a few rooms down the enormous corridor. On the first day it was the Borderline Personality Disorder convention, which I thought could have had accesss to some fine case studies had they bothered to walk next door. However, when that finished, it was replaced with the Advanced Personality Disorder group who really must rate as the best partners for any world series event.

Poker tip of the day in Las Vegas is Bally's poker room which offers a great little $200 buy-in No-Limit Holdem table, that is you can't buy-in for more than $200.

Today's bet for the Championship event is Padraig Parkinson, at 150 - 1 with Blus Sq. to make the final table or Todd Brunson 150 - 1.

Move on to tomorrows report
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