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Late Night Poker Episode : Semi-Final
 Seat 1 : Mohammed Ravai (Iran) journeyman player based in Austria
 Seat 2 : Debi Berlin (UK) Lady Poker Player the lady from St. Albans
 Seat 2 : Kevinn O'connell (UK) occasional big tourney player
 Seat 3 : Steve Vladir (UK) very solid, strong successful tournament player
 Seat 4 : Jan Lunberg (Sweden) bookmaker
 Seat 6 : James Bonallack (UK) amateur into TV dubbing
 Seat 7 : Dave Colclough (UK) IT man in form
Early play had little to say for itself. Everybody appeared tight.
Debi short stacked after trying to play Q-Q and finding one of the blind men making a tiny two-pair. On flopping a straight draw with her 4-6 ( flop 2-5-7 ) she felt obliged to raise the Ace-7 of O'Connell. Nothing came.
Bonallack tried it on for no apparent reason with K-Q and a flop of 2-J-Ace, giving him a gut-shot straight draw at best. Ravai had Ace-Ace and saw first a Jack to make full and the fourth Ace! No prizes for best hand.
Vladir never found his feet and gave chips to Lunberg needlessly. After that he made a desperate call with K-8 to see O'Connell flip 10-10. A 10 came and there was no doubt he was out.
Colclough gets caught on a steal with 10-9 and has put too many chips into the pot to get away from it. He faces 8-8 and is luckily only 11-9 underdog. The flop comes J-10-8 to give a straight draw that doesn't deliver.
This shorts him to the extent that his raise all-in with 9-9 is not enough to take O'Connell out with 6-6. The River card brings a six and then there were three.
Lunberg never showed any ability to bluff or read his opponents in the heat or this semi. His chips were taken by the others taking advantage and when he finally put it all in with 9-9 he found O'Connell with the Cowboys and a King flopped.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

So the last spot was between O'Connell and Ravai. The was a lot of passive play and one small pot went to Ravai. Finally a good hand developed with both players paying small amounts to see the flop. Ravai had Ace - Four and O'Connell Queen - Six .
The flop came Ace - Jack - Seven with two spades. O'Connell bet his flush draw and Ravai smoothly called. The Turn brought a Six and now O'Connell bet with more of a confident vibe now that he had a pair to go with his draw.

Ravai was confused by this positve note but, as he thought, he picked up the true value of his opponents hand and put him on (assumed that he had) a draw. He raised all-in knowing that it could not be the Ace-flush draw and O'Connell called without thinking, as he should. With a Queen, Six or Spade to lose, Ravai was 70-30 favourite and none of those came.

Ravai actually played quite well here although O'Connell took five people out. Best player on the day to the final.