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Late Night Poker Episode Two
 Seat 1 : Phil Helmuth Jr. (USA) 1989 World Champ. & world class player
 Seat 2 : Howard Carter (UK) London based journalist, small tourney player
 Seat 3 : Steve Vladir (UK) very solid, strong successful tournament player
 Seat 4 : Hermes Michelides (UK) strong backgammon player turned poker enthusiast
 Seat 5 : Jon Shorman (UK) computer man, experienced
 Seat 6 : Edna Adams (UK)Lady Poker Player amatuer player
 Seat 7 : Julian Gardener (UK) young journeyman showing promise, good recent results
First to exit was an edgey Howard Carter, under pressure from Helmuth and trapped by an Ace-Queen on the flop when hoolding A-5. Shorman flipped pocket Queens that made him trips.
Vladir got into a terrible mess with Q-Q when he flopped trips and checked. Gardener having 7-7 got all-in clever with three hearts and an over-card showing by the river. Vladir eventually called, exit Gardener.
Third out was unlucky Edna with A-K. Shorman tried it on with 9-8 suited and flushed on fourth street.
Hermes' blanket aggression got the better of him after an hour of teasing by Helmuth. Helmuth bet with a strong 2-pair and Hermes came back with everything and nothing.
Vladir out-plays Shorman in a few hands who then goes all in with A-9 vs Vladir's J-J. No Ace comes and then there were two.
Phil Helmuth Jr.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

Helmuth grinds out some world class heads-up plays only to give money back when caught out bluffing pre-flop. Phil, chip leader from the very first hand then makes an all in semi-bluff with J-4 suited after Vladir has made a bet with A-Q suited. Vladir calls and the champ. catches a Jack on the river to steal the pot in the best pro fashion.
The best player at the table won for the second day running.