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Late Night Poker Episode Seven
 Seat 1 : Kate Szeremeta (UK) Lady Poker Player lady player from Torquay
 Seat 2 : Jac Arama (UK) journeyman player from London
 Seat 2 : Jan Lunberg (Sweden) bookmaker
 Seat 3 : Adam Heller (UK) long time gambler
 Seat 4 : Alex Kong (UK) new professional
 Seat 6 : Joe Beevers (UK) regular player from Hendon
 Seat 7 : Dave Welch (UK) succesful tournament player
Early play was dominated by Jac Arama's aggressive style. He also managed to slow play Aces to hit another two and have Dave Welch bet on the come of a flush draw. He made his flush and lost a whole load of money. Good demonstration of trouble cards although its unusual for him to attack a flop with Aces on it.
Dave Welch now short stacked launched with an Ace-Four and got the same man calling, Arama. King-Seven and a King on the River took the hand.
Kate got short stacked after her Ace-King didn't hit. A pocket pair of Queens got two callers with random hands. Jan's Jack-Six made trips with the six and he took more money in a side pot from Jac who tried to bluff a pot that couldn't be bluffed.
Third to go was Joe Beevers playing two pair slowly and getting caught when giving a free card on the river. Not realising that a draw was on he put his whole stack in on the river with many possible better hands available. Adam Heller took the pot.
Jac Arama lost a big all-in bet against Kong and then went all-in himself with Ace-Nine against Heller's Queens. No Ace and he was gone.
Alex makes his stand with an Ace and gets beaten by a small flush draw made on the end by Heller.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

Jan made an early mistake when Heller raised with a poor King-Jack to Jan's Aces. His all-in reply took Heller out of the pot cheaply. When the we got to the last two it was a case of slow attrition with good hands from Heller and passing from Jan. His last ditch play with a King-Deuce saw Heller calling with 4-5. He was in lucky form throughout and here he hit an unbeatable straight on the flop. Heller to the final.
A raft of good hands made Heller unbeatable.