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Late Night Poker Episode : Final
15th December  00:15  (1hour 35 minutes)
 Seat 1 : Paul Alterman (UK) solid man, won £120,000 7-card stud, Austria 1999
 Seat 2 : Phil Helmuth Jr. (USA) 1989 World Champ. & world class player
 Seat 3 : "Mad" Marti Wilson (UK) journeyman player from Birmingham
 Seat 4 : Mike McGee (UK) very experienced and strong tourney player
 Seat 5 : Barney Boatman (UK) top Brit in the WSOP 2000
 Seat 6 : Adam Heller (UK) long time gambler
 Seat 7 : Korosh (Iran) london local and vocal
 Seat 8 : Mohammed Ravai (Iran) journeyman player based in Austria
In early play Mohammed and Heller showed how nervous they were and played K-K vs A-9 very strangely. A small bet with A-9 from Heller followed by an undersized raise from K-K got called. A perfect no flush flop of 6-7-Q was checked by Ravai with the Cowboys. The turn card was an Ace and now Heller checked. The River brought nothing and they both checked.

A little later Phil bet into Korosh who had made trips on the flop. He raised and Phil read it right and passed.

Soon after Phil had the cowboys himself and got to see the flop with small bets from Barney with 9-9. 8-8-4 on the table and Barney raised Phil's small bet with an all-in cry. Phil had no second thoughts as he put it in but had the look of a man in a forced play as he waited for Barney to turn over his cards. Last two cards did nothing and Barney gave Phil a pile.

Mohammed checked a flop with A-J on Q-Q-4. The turn was an 8 and then he bet into Heller. He had just made a pair with his 10-8 and made a good call to see Ravai the first out.

Throughout the play Phil was building a nice needle sideline with Korosh who couldn't resist the verbal conflict and never managed to gain the upper hand.

A short stacked Barney found Ace-Ace and got called by Heller with Q-9 for the few chips. J-8-6 on the flop and then a 10 to make a straight and then an Ace to make Barney feel worse going out with his trips.

Korosh burnt some chips unnecessarily with a bad bluff into Heller. Then playing 9-5 (one spade) he saw a flop of 4-9-J all spades vs. Phil with K-J (no spade). All-in from Korosh and Phil took some time to see the bet. Plenty of cards for Korosh to win with but Phil survived.

Then a three way hand with Paul Alterman starting with a bet with a small hand to see Phil come back with a raise with Ace-Deuce. Mike McGee, who had not played a hand, bets all-in with his Ace-Ten hoping that his long time inactivity would push the others out. Unfortunately he had too few chips and Phil, on figuring that he was getting 3-1 pot odds, called. He was a 7-3 underdog. A flop of 3-5-J (all diamonds) brought Phil an inside straight draw and a flush draw as well as the Deuce to win. The Turn was a Ten and the River a Four to give Phil the hand.

Phil showed more ability when forcing Paul to put down 8-8 after he had made a raise with it.

Marti got short and made a stand with K-Q but Heller had Q-Q which stood up. He finished fourth.

Three left and a flop of 9-J-4 (all clubs). Phil bets small and Paul feels he has many outs with his Q-T (one club) and so semi-bluffs all-in. Sadly Phil has Ace-Ace and one is a club. Next card a club and Paul is gone.

The final heads-up is for the £35,000-£10,000 prize split.
Many all-ins from Heller steal the blinds in the hands. Then he gets to see a flop with 10-4 only to see 4-4-3 on it. He checks, Phil bets small and flat calls trying to trap and then strangely checks again when a 6 comes. The River sees a 5 and now Phil bets and unbelievably Heller calls. Phil's 9-2 picks up a big pot!

Short stacked and steaming Heller gets all-in straight away with 10-9 (one club) and Phil Hellmuth calls with Q-J. Ace-10-7 (all clubs) puts Heller in front with a draw. Then Queen-Four, no clubs, and Phil is the champion.

Basically Hellmuth out played everyone and they all out played themselves.