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Late Night Poker Episode Four
 Seat 1 : Ram Vaswani (UK) journeyman player
 Seat 2 : Kevinn O'connell (UK) occasional big tourney player
 Seat 3 : "Gentleman" Liam Flood (Ire) experienced but too nice to win
 Seat 4 : Hamish Shah (UK) succesful tourney player
 Seat 5 : Charlabambos Xanthos (UK) ex-backgammon player turned poker enthusiast
 Seat 6 : Korosh (Iran) london local and vocal
 Seat 7 : San Kwon Carlos (Thai)Lady Poker Player not heard of before or since
The early play was a prime example of how not to play poker. Shah slow played Aces and then bet into three people and called two bets. Vaswani called a big pre-flop bet with TENS and found JACKS.
First to exit was the short stacked Shah who desperately hoped K 10 would improve to beat Bambos's 7-7.
Then the also short stacked Vaswani tried the much better AK against the same man with the same hand and the same result.
Third out was the lady from Thailand who played very solidly. Infact a re-raise from her had made Xanthos put down AK before the flop! (something we don't know Bambos?) Sadly she chose 9-9 to go all in against Korosh with 10-10.
Flood played O.K. but tried too hard with a K-Q off-suit. A fairly poor call with Q-9 clubs brought O'Connell a flush on the flop. The gentleman thought he would bluff it from there.
Xanthos was now very low on chips and stuck it in with J-8 suited versus O'Connell's Aces and nothing came. He had played weirdly all night.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

We were left with the two most vocal and active players and it couldn't last long. Immediately there was another class demonstration of how not to play when O'Connell saw the flop with 7-2 and Korosk 8-6. The cards fell 5-6-8 of hearts where upon Korosh bet his two pair for small money. O'Connell calls with a straight and flush draw, both a tad hopeful. A Queen on 4th made Korosh bet larger and he was called again. Now with a 7 on the River O'Connell stuck it all in using the open ended straight on the flop as his bluff. It worked. If Korosh had bet bigger from the off he would have been safe and O'Connell was swimming unnecessarily in mirky waters with his hopeful style of bluff. Korosh then gets the upper hand in the needle stakes and induces O'Connell all-in with A-6 versus his pocket KINGS and it was all over. Korosh won.
Who the best player was and if he they won is a mistery. At least the final will be lively.