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Late Night Poker Episode Five
 Seat 1 : "Mad" Marti Wilson (UK) journeyman player from Birmingham
 Seat 2 : Chip Winton (USA) professional player
 Seat 3 :Surinder Sunar (UK) experienced big tournament and cash player
 Seat 4 : Pascal Perrault (Fra) top rated European player
 Seat 5 : Debi Berlin (UK) Lady Poker Player lady player from St.Albans
 Seat 6 : Wolfgang Ryder (Austria) restaurant owner
 Seat 7 : David Cleary (Ire) casual player
Surinder tried to dominate the early play but got very lucky when betting a flop with two Eights in it. He had a flush draw but Pascal had trips already, the flush came with pairing the board and Pascal was down to a few chips.
First to exit was the short stacked Pascal liked his Ace-Seven (spades) until Cleary turned over Ace-Ace. Surinder continues the bluff theme and builds chips.
Then Wolfgang plays all-in with Ace-Ten after being bluffed out of several pots and running low. Chip called the small bet with 6-3 because of value, Marti also in the pot. Chip makes trips and WOlfgang is out.
Surinder had amassed a good stack when he managed to get Debi all-in, Queen-Queen vs. her Ace-Ten. She made a Ten-high straight and hurt him.
Chip got into trouble and never really showed promise after passing an Ace-King pre-flop. Finding a Deuce-Deuce in late position he decided to go for it but Marti called with J-9. A Jack made Chip third out.
Surinder got unlucky for the second time when getting all-in with Ace-Queen against Marti's Ace-Six. The last card was a six.
Cleary short stacked fired with Q-2 (hearts). Marti called without threat to himself and his Ace-Jack found a Jack without needing it.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

Debi had only 600 in chips with the heads up battle but she picked antes a few times and then doubled her stack three times to go chip leader. A short dual of tight play slowed the action as they came level but Marti proved the better player when the forced plays ran out for Debi. Then Marti slowed played Aces nicely to allow Debi to pair the board and go all-in.
There were some good players here, especially Surinder who showed you also need luck. Marti is a worthy winner and could take the final.