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Late Night Poker Episode One
 Seat 1 : Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot (UK) winner series I, aggressive, rude
 Seat 2 : Dave Tarbett (UK) aspiring dealer
 Seat 3 : Liz Viggazzi (France)Lady Poker Player french beauty with a pink hat
 Seat 4 : Paul Alterman (UK) solid man, won £120,000 7-card stud, Austria 1999
 Seat 5 : Mamed Veria (Cyprus) journeyman player based in Austria
 Seat 6 : Sir Clive Sinclair (UK) into flying electric cars and amateur poker
 Seat 7 : Ross Boatman (UK) London's Burning, journeyman player, 2nd in series II
First to exit Dave Tarbett played solidly but was unlucky to find QQ in the hole when Ulliot had KK.
The Pink Lady short stacked and had two callers to her last gasp A-10. Veria picked her off, making a pair of 5s.
Ulliot over-played the table, calling and bluffing too often and was unlucky in a couple of 50-50 hands. He finally decided to make a play with 9-8 suited, but found the absolute best opposition, 10-10 (including the suit). Veria won.
Sinclair and Alterman, both short stacked, go heads-up, A-4 suited vs 5-5. Alterman the favourite by around 2-1 takes it.
Veria makes a fairly weak call with K-9 suited to Boatman's large all-in 5-5. Veria straights the flop and Boatman walks unhappy.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final and who goes into the semi-final. Alterman outplays Veria in a few key hands, notably Q-J against Alterman's Q-2. Flop is 9-8-2, Alterman bets and Veria flat calls but with an Ace on fourth street Veria doesn't bet putting his call into question. Alterman finally takes him out with A-K vs 8-8. The best player at the table won.