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Late Night Poker Episode Six
 Seat 1 : Malcolm Harwood (UK) finalist twice in LNP
 Seat 2 : Barney Boatman (UK) top Brit in the WSOP 2000
 Seat 3 :John Thompson (Sco) club level player
 Seat 4 : Howard Plant (UK) car park owner
 Seat 5 : Tino Valentino (Ita) experienced circuit player
 Seat 6 : Dave Colcough (UK) IT man in form
 Seat 7 : Mike Luma (USA) one of the many US pros
In early play Barney played like a pro when trying to trap Harwood with his straight only to see the board pair. A flat call left him with enough to continue. A little later Colcough showed how not to slow play a pair of Queens to the river and lose.
Luma was first to go without much of a shout. After a few lost chips he decided to go all in with 10-10 only to find Jack-Jack.
Tino was unlucky when playing King-Jack and seeing a King high flop. Barney bet him all-in with his King-Nine and hit one of his three card draw on the turn (4th) card.
Colcough made another strange play when calling "The Rock" with Ace-Jack for a sizeable raise. The flop was nothing and he passed a bet on the river (5th) card.
Thompson short stacked and took a leap at it with Ace-Seven and found Ace-Queen. He was third out.
Colcough saw his slow played Kings trip-up on the flop and Plant bet into him with a flush draw that didn't come. Plant fourth out.
Harwood got into a difficult position when opening up for a £1,000 with his pocket Queens and found a re-raise. He was forced to call for the odds and saw Aces which he could not beat.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

Colcough played two inexplicable hands. He called a re-raise with 5-6 against Barney's Ace-Queen and saw a 4-4-7 flop. Barney bets and he passed the opportunity to take him out with the draw. Then he made a desperate bluff with nothing on a flop with two Jacks. Finally after giving away much of his stack he found a good hand, A-K, but didn't have enough to put Barney out of the pot and his J-10 picked the finalist spot. Colcough to the semi-final
Barney looked the best player.