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Late Night Poker Episode Three
 Seat 1 : James Bonallack (UK) amateur into TV dubbing
 Seat 2 : Simon "Aces" Trumper (UK) reigning champion, good recent results
 Seat 3 : Nicky "Bulldog" Catz (UK) improving player, sells nice cars and bikes
 Seat 4 : Mike McGee (UK) very experienced and strong tourney player
 Seat 5 : Brian "Cowboy" McNally (UK) property consultant from Scotland
 Seat 6 : Peter "the Bandit" Evans (UK) scap metal man from Brum
 Seat 7 : Lucy Rokash (UK)Lady Poker Player journeywoman from Stoke, top lady player in the UK
There was much early bluffing and unnecessary action that resulted in the chips circulating. The most notable thing about the line-up is the number of nicknames.
First to exit was the Bandit playing the horrible A-10. He checked the flop only to see a 10 on 4th where he bet all-in. Bonallack had flopped trips.
Trumper played under the title pressure and had no idea throughout, eventually playing out 10-2 suited (known as Doyle Brunson) against the Cowboy's Queens.
Third out was one of the favourites, Lucy Rokash. Over active playing glands had her in a dozen pots before trying a semi-bluff all in pre-flop with 10-8 suited. She found Cowboy with Queens again.
Cowboy short stacked after many steals by McGee and decides to call a raise with 6-7. Bonallack bets on the flop with a flush draw and Cowboy calls with a straight draw, the flush comes.
Catz bluffs all-in nervously with nothing and McGee makes a good call to win with a pair. A few hands later Catz goes all in with his remaining chips with 5-5 vs A-10 which flushes. Impatience got the better of him.
The heads-up dual decides who goes into the final.

The experienced McGee faces the most tournament shy competitor Bonallack. Bonallack doesn't take long to exercise his desire to get it over with by playing A-5 strongly pre-flop against A-J. When K-K-2 flops he knee-jerks an all-in bet which is easily called. Fourth and the river are no joy and McGee rather easily clears up the table.
Incredibly the best player at the table won for the third day running.  (Rokash was joint favourite)