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Late Night Poker IV Episode Seven
01:00 23rd November 2001
 Seat 1 : Donnacha O'Dea the best cash player in Europe
 Seat 2 : Karina Mikelis top Las Vegas lady player
 Seat 3 : Kevin O'Connell occasional big tourney player
 Seat 4 : Peter Evans "The Bandit" - scrap metal man
 Seat 5 : Surindar Sunar high flyer with success, no one knows how
 Seat 6 : Bruno Fitoussi World Champion Heads-Up player
 Seat 7 : Robin Keston found money in Bingo
Some real heavy-weights in this game but not all of them are suited to this format of poker play.
Bruno, fresh from victory in the Heads-Up World Championship, fell victim to the short nature of a heat and the short stack problem as well as his aggressive nature. With A-6 spades, Bruno checked the flop of A-K-Q as did two others. When a second spade hit on 4th he bet and found himself raised. Pot odds were not good enough but he didn't want to give up and struggle on with a smaller stack. He flat called and even though the River failed to bring his flush he still called Keston bet all-in. Bruno out.
Karina shows us some professional moves but then offers a sign of complete novice at no-limit (or pot limit). Karina makes a small preflop raise with A-5 when last to speak and the bandit calls. The flop of A-2-5 is checked by both players but when a third club hits (9) on 4th the Bandit leads with a bet. Karina had wanted this as she raises back with a medium bet. Call. The last card is a J of no consequence and the bandit checks. Now Karina's only play is to check. Any bet can only be called here by a better hand and he already indicated that he had something. But bet she does and Peter calls with trips to go into an early chip lead. The only thing she did right was not to get all in. A little later Karina goes out with a three way show down, Kestner taking the money.
O'Dea put down several hands when behind only to find himself going all-in with J-J when Surinder held Q-Q. No help and O'Dea is out without making a mistake.
Kevin moves all-in with 8-8 to be called by the Bandit with 10-10. Kevin middle pins on the River to make a straight and go chip leader. Steaming from the out draw the Bandit bets all-in on a flop of 8-5-3 holding A-6. Kevin finds 7-7 in the hole and calls to take his buddy Peter out as he finds no help.
Kestner doubles through with A-A against Surinder's A-K spades. Shortly afterwards Sunar puts all his chips in with nothing and Kevin takes him out.
Heads-Up is Kevin against Robin. Neither player plays well in the battle but Robin takes the majority of the chips. Kevin finds himself with K-T and goes all-in. Robin calls with 4-4 which holds through the River and he goes into the final.