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Late Night Poker IV Episode Three
00:35 26th Octobber 2001
 Seat 1 : Manuela Seliger tournament pro
 Seat 2 : Ian Dobson unlucky not to win the Poker Million
 Seat 3 : Dave Ulliott winner series I, world class player
 Seat 4 : Mike Magee very experienced and strong tourney player
 Seat 5 : Bambos Xanthos ex-backgammon player turned poker enthusiast
 Seat 6 : Jon Shoreman runs European Poker website
 Seat 7 : Steve Vladar very solid, strong successful tournament player
A tough line-up. We pick it up with four left. Shoreman - Magee - Ulliott - Vladar
Ulliott short stacked doubles through Vladar's K-Q when his 4-7 caught a 7 on the river. Minutes later the Devilfish found A-Q suited and bet 900 all-in and bizarre play by Magee, he called with 2-5 spades. Ulliott doubled through again.
Even stranger than that play was Ulliott's willingness to repay the favour by calling Magee's Q-J diamonds with 6-5 offsuit for all the chips. He went out as Magee flushed and paired.
A desperate Shoreman called an all-in bet with 8-8 by Vladar with his K-9. If he read this as a small pair it was brilliant but otherwise over-rating his hand. With a flop of A-Q-K-7-Q Vladar went low.
Magee opens for 1200 with A-9, a third of his chips and Shoreman comes back with all-in with his K-Q, 6200 in the pot. Magee thinks for some time and then passes. His bet was too strong with this hand and with this pot size he must call. A smaller bet would have allowed him to think more clearly as to whether Shoreman was bluffing and get away from his hand if not. Only A-A makes his hand dead and A-K,Q,J,T in trouble. He can't risk throwing away these chips on the chance that Shoreman had one of these as much of the time Shoreman would be bluffing or sensing a bluff from Magee.
After hanging on for some time Vladar eventually falls to Magee.
Shoreman now out plays himself with his chip lead. Bets with K-7 against K-T. Flop A-T-9 and he jerks a big bet. Not difficult for Magee to raise and Shoreman passes quickly knowing that his play was read easily.
Aggressive again he opens with A-2 to be called by J-T. Flop 2-5-T and he bets out, call. He spikes an Ace on the river to stay alive. Lucky.
Once more he bets pre-flop with A-2 and is called. He checks a flop of 3-5-7 but the turn shows an Ace and he bets medium. Magee thinks and goes all-in, Shoreman instantly calls, a sign of wanting an end one way or another. Magee turns over 4-6 for the lock nuts. Magee goes to the final, Shoreman to the semi.