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Late Night Poker IV Episode Five
00:35 9th November 2001
 Seat 1 : Lise Vigezzi Lady Poker Player the journalist in the pink hat is back
 Seat 2 : Brian McNally "The Cowboy"
 Seat 3 : Joe Beevers "The Elegance"
 Seat 4 : Noel Furlong 1999 World Champ.
 Seat 5 : Dave Colclough strange style that needs a bit of luck
 Seat 6 : Mohammed Ravai "The Magician"
 Seat 7 : Marty Wilson let out of prison just for this show
Ravai shows why you shouldn't play QJ when he comes up against AQ and a board of 4-Q-5-6-Q gets him all in and out to Colclough.
Furlong plays well to extract money from Marti, checking a straight on 4th that pairs on the river, only to get bluff raised by Marti when he makes a small bet. Noel becomes chip leader. A little later he makes a normal semi-bluff raise with K-9 clubs when the the flop comes 3-4-8 with two clubs. Joe has bet the flop with 200 and Furlong's raise of 600 is too much for him to play the hand well. Had Joe had nothing then a smaller raise would have taken him out, a pair would have seen him call. Now the only instance that Joe can come back is with slow played Aces or Kings or a much bigger hand. Either way Furlong has forced himself to call the re-raise that comes with Joe having trips. Had Noel just called and flushed on fourth he would be getting great odds from Joe with the next bet. Joe makes a house on the next card and Furlong is reduced to a much shorter stack.
Noel loses a bit more to Marti who's all-in wins and then Lise slows plays her second Ace-Ace to take the 1999 World Champ out.
Marti's small stack then goes out with A-9 to Joe's Q-Q.
Lise has been riding her good hands but finally she misses the board and Joe takes off a winning hand with a bet with his A-9 to her A-Q on 10-K-10-6. She stays in with reduced chips.
Cowboy short stacked makes two pair with A-5 but A-Q of spades flushes him out.
Joe tries a few bluffs against Lise that don't work but finally gets lucky when all-in A-9 overturns her 8-8. A little later her A-K is beaten and she goes out a little unfortunate.
Heads up provides little to see from Dave Colclough and Joe Beevers. Joe beats Dave out with another improving A-9 against 8-8.