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Late Night Poker IV Episode Six
00:35 16th November 2001
 Seat 1 : Adam Heller (UK) would really like to be a good player
 Seat 2 : Ash Pervaiz slow player
 Seat 3 : Pascal Perrault (Fra) has done well in Europe
 Seat 4 : Debbie Berlin (UK) married to Dave Welch, when will he change his name?
 Seat 5 : Barny Boatman (UK) top player, "Rubble the trouble"
 Seat 6 : Marcel Luske (Hol) from Amsterdam, poker club owner etc
 Seat 7 : Steve Templeman (UK) "Short Stack"
Steve Templeman showed the world what not to do if you are playing poker in a normal poker game in the UK. With a small pre-flop bet from Marcel holding K-Q the flop came 8-6-5 and both players checked. The 4th, or turn card, brought a Q and Marcel bet. Now Steve asks if he has anything to which Marcel gives his professional evasive reply along the lines of having the best possible hand. After a short pause Steve raises 500 as if to say I think you bluffing and this is a bet to take you off that bluff. Marcel calls without thinking too much. The last card was a 2 and Steve bet all in holding 9-7, the absolute nuts. Marcel knows now that something is wrong and passes. In normal play in the UK Steve's early taunt would be enough to lose him the pot and maybe something else.
Barney makes a small bet with 9-8 hearts only to be get an all-in raise from Marcel with A-T spades. Barney calls. The flop A-9-2 keeps Marcel ahead and has only one heart. The QHearts hits on 4th street to give Barney a draw and the JHearts brings it home for him and an unlucky exit.
When Steve makes an opening bet, Ash raises 500 with his A-Q. Steve thinks and picks up a "don't call me" vibe which brings him into an all-in re-raise with K-9 hearts. Ash passes. Now short stacked he tries to take the antes with 6-2 but gets called by Pascal with K-K. Ash out.
Barney gets all-in with 8-8 vs A-T of Steve, the pair holds and Steve becomes his nickname, short stack. Immediately he gets all-in with 3-3 vs A-K spades of Barney. 2-4-5 flop gives a straight draw but also a flush draw for Barney with fills on 4th street and Steve goes out after playing well.
Both Debbi and Adam are short and go at it, 4-4 for Debbi, A-9 for Adam. The Ace pairs and Debbi goes.
Adam still short bets with Q-J and gets called by Q-2 from Pascal. A flop of joy for both as Q-J-2 hits. All in makes Adam happy but a 2 on 4th finishes him.
Heads-up sees Barney favourite and sure emough he out plays Pascal for a few hands. Then a checked hand sees a flop of 9-6-9 and Pascal bets with 10-6, call. When 4th brings 5, Pascal over rates his hand and ability with an all-in. Barney calls in a flash with 8-7, the straight. Pascal doesn't find the four outs on the river and Barney wins.