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Late Night Poker IV Episode One
00:35 12th October 2001
 Seat 1 : Liam Flood (Ire) "Gentleman"
 Seat 2 : Victoria Coren (UK)Lady Poker Player The Observer's poker columnist.
 Seat 3 : Robert Cohen (Fra) ??? a French man
 Seat 4 : Howard Plant (UK) "The Magician"
 Seat 5 : Michael Keiner Plastic surgeon
 Seat 6 : Jan Lundberg (SWE) "The Walrus", is he the Swedish Chef from The Muppets?
 Seat 7 : Phil Hellmuth (USA) 1989 World Champ. & world class player
Jesse May is joined in the talk box by Lucy Rokach, an accomplished player from the midlands.
Lundberg slow plays QQ vs 99 which makes trips on the flop for Flood. A little later Flood takes him off the table with a flush, not much skill action.
Hellmuth makes a scene (unusual) when the floor manager puts the clock on him, "is that the custom here", he tries. That prompts him into an all-in against Flood holding 4-7, the board [9-7-3]. Flood with 8-8 passes after thought.
Hellmuth strokes money from Keiner with a full house.
Plant puts it all in with A-7 clubs and is called by Flood with JJ. The pair stands. Exit Plant.
Coren gets all in with KQ against J9 but Cohen lucks a 9. She goes.
Keiner calls all in A-9 vs AK from Hellmuth - no improvement for either side.
Flood loses big AJ ys AQ for Cohen and then goes out short stacked when the Hellmuth and Cohen check it all the way. Then there were two.
A battle of wits ensues, Hellmuth doesn't have a chance because the Frenchman pretends not to understand English. Then in an embarrassment he calls Cohen flush with a pair but puts all his money across the line. He claims to have just called but had gone all in. In the short interview he said that it was frustrating to be out drawn but he was out-played. If he had any followers left, he got rid of them in this show.
The new format didn't help the show at all. No tension and no idea of progression could be detected and whats that into' all about?