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Late Night Poker IV Episode Semi-Final
00:35 30th November 2001
 Seat 1 : Kevin O'Connell (Eng) occasional big tourney player
 Seat 2 : Simon Trumper (UK) a lot of wins under his belt
 Seat 3 : Pascal Perrault (Fra) has done well in Europe
 Seat 4 : Dave Colclough (Wales) strange style that needs a bit of luck
 Seat 5 : Ram Vaswani (Eng) exciting Brit Pack player from London
 Seat 6 : Phil Hellmuth (USA) 1989 World Champ. & world class player
 Seat 7 : Jon Shoreman (Eng) runs European Poker website
Kevin puts in a small bet pre-flop to see his K-J hearts pick up a flush and straight draw from A-Q-4, two hearts. He bets again, is raised by Trumper with 2-pair and he gets all-in. No help, O'Connell is out but manages to get a good jibe in during the player interview, calling Trumper a 'smug bastard'. Handbags at 10 paces girls.
Hellmuth makes a flush on the flop but Shoreman bets infront of him with the bare Ace and a draw for the nuts. Hellmuth makes his move all-in but Shoreman draws his fourth diamond on the flop to make a bigger flush. Hellmuth left with 100 chips. Shortly afterwards he triples that with a pair of nines that make a straight but then gets all-in with A-4 against Pascal with A-10. The Ten holds up and Hellmuth is out.
Pascal caught Ram bluff raising with 7-5 clubs and got all-in. Ram spiked both a 7 and 5 and Pascal was gone.
Ram Vaswani becomes chip leader but then begins a sequence of hands that he need not of played. 2-2 vs K-Q of Trumper, A-T vs K-K of Colclough and K-Q vs A-J of Shoreman. Soon after he got all-in with A-T vs K-J of Trumper but a King came on 4th and Ram was out after a steamy period where he lacked control.
Up and down in chips finally tells for Colclough when he gets in A-9 vs K-Q of Trumper. Favourite but the Q comes with no Ace. Colclough out.
The heads-up battle finished when Shoreman underplayed his Ace high, betting small enough for Trumper to call. An Ace on the flop let Shoreman bet all in but the flop also had three spades and Trumper's 9-3 spades stood up to take the last spot in the final next week.