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Late Night Poker IV Episode Final
00:35 7th December 2001
 Seat 1 : Robert Cohen (Fra) ??? a French man
 Seat 2 : Hemish Shah (UK) one of Europe's greatest all-round players
 Seat 3 : Mike Magee (UK) very experienced and strong tourney player
 Seat 4 : Malcolm Harwood (UK) Very successful on LNP. Calls himself "The Rock"
 Seat 5 : Joe Beevers (Eng) "The Elegance"
 Seat 6 : Barny Boatman (UK) top player, "Rubble the trouble"
 Seat 7 : Robin Keston (Eng) found money in Bingo
 Seat 8 : Simon Trumper (UK) a lot of wins under his belt
Early play gave Hamish the edge with good draws in several hands and weak play by his opponents.
Small raises before the flop of 4-5-9. Check-check then a deuce. Malcolm (7-7) cracks first when betting all-in and Keston (K-K) calls. Last card Q and Harwood is out after losing patience.
Frenchman (J-9) steals money from Trumper (K-J) when the board is T-J-Q. He bets into a good sized pot and Trumper passes.
Hamish (K-J) does the same to Keston (K-J) after the River A-2-3-T-4 and three diamonds.
Short stack Joe Beevers all-in Q-8 hearts. Hamish is there with A-K and no improvement from either side and Joe goes out.
Keston (6-5) drained of chips gos all-in. Magee (10-8) also desperate calls. 10 on flop leaves Keston very short. Next hand all-in with A-2, called by Trumper (9-9). A-2-7 on the flop puts Keston in front but a 9 on the turn takes Keston out.
Hamish continues to make many small plays to steal money and bully the players.
Mike (J-2) very short gets all-in vs Hamish (8-6) on a flop with a 6. No help and Mike goes out without ever seeing good cards.
Robert Cohen passes a big pot with A-9 when two others get all with both having A-Q hoping that when one goes out he will take 3rd spot. But they tie. Then very short stacked he gets all in with 4-2 diamonds and Hamish calls with 9-5. They both flop pairs but nothing else for Robert and he goes out 4th.
Barney makes a move with J-T all-in but finds Hamish with K-Q. 5-Q-T on the flop. An 8 gives a straight draw that doesn't fill and Barney Boatman goes 3rd.
Many small hands between Trumper and Hamish doesn't allow Simon to catch up anything in stack size. He bets all-in with 8-6 spades and Hamish calls with 10-8 off-suit. 5-K-5-9 with two spades and a flush draw. Last card King makes Hamish the champion.
The recent very sad death of the champion Hamish was announced after the show although most of the poker world had already heard the news and many had been at the funeral. A rare talent is genuinely missed.