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Late Night Poker V Final
00:35 20th April 2002
 Seat 1 : Henry Nowakowski (Ger) Polish-German who puts al the chips in
 Seat 1 : Gary Jones (UK) Moderately strong
 Seat 2 : 'Mad' Marty Wilson (UK) lively player from Birmingham, if you couldn't tell
 Seat 4 : Joe Beevers (UK) 'The Elegance'
 Seat 5 : Charalambos Xanthos (UK) plays Backgammon better than most poker players
 Seat 6 : Ram Vaswani (UK) one of the Hendon Mob
 Seat 7 : Ken Lennaard (Swe) Making a living at it they say?
Early play was quite tight and nobody made any serious blunder.
After Ken had lost some chips to Ram with a straight/flush draw that didn't come through he found a pair of nines in the hole and raised Ram again who called with K-J. The flop brought no help, the turn a deuce but the final card was a king and Ken was first out. Ram early chip leader.
Henry being quite short stacked put all his chips in with T-T and Bambos called with the best hand he'd seen, A-K. Behind him Ram called for the value with A-J hearts. The flop showed 7-T-3 and two hearts for a flush draw but trips for Henry. The turn was a rag and although the river was a jack, Henry tripled-up and Bambos was gone.
Marty sees a flop of 7-T-2 with Gary. Marty has A-5 and decides to bet the flop thinking that unless Gary has hit the ten he will pass. Gary reads Marty for the same thing and raises all-in with his A-9. Marty has too few chips to pass and calls all-in himself. The turn is a Q and dramatically the river card is a five and Gary goes out.
Joe Beevers tries to take Henry off a hand by raising all-in but the German is not a man to leave chips in a pot without defending them and calls the all-in bet from Joe. Joe turns over Q-T but Henry has K-T. Bad luck for Henry as a Q flops with no improvement.
The two clash immediately again when Joe calls Henry's all-in. Henry once more in the lead with A-7 clubs against K-T but once again Henry is unlucky as the cards fall 3-T-Q-5-7. Henry out.
With three left Marty and Ram begin a duel of hands when first Ram escapes from an all-in with A-6 against A-Q. With a pair and an A-K on the flop the hand is tied. The next hand Ram gets all-in with K-J only to see Marty's A-Q but again escapes with a king on the River. The next hand Marty is all-in leading once again with A-9 against K-9 but the flop brings a king for Ram. Escape this time for Marty as an Ace hits on the turn and he's back in the game.
Now its the turn of Joe and Ram to fight it out with a battle of small pairs, 4-4 for Joe and 8-8 for Ram. Again the underdog takes the lead with a 4 on the flop but Ram can't improve and this time goes out.
Marty has a small stack in the heads-up battle but doubles through once with 2-2 and then again when calling A-7 with Q-J to make it level. He then butchers some chips and sets himself all-in with K-T on a flop of 3-3-6 banking on Joe not connecting with the flop. Joe has 6-7 and calls to win the semi-final as an 8 and a deuce hit. Marty runner-up in the worst spot and Joe into the final.