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Late Night Poker V Episode Four
00:55 23rd March 2002
 Seat 1 : Ram Vaswani (UK) funny how the Hendon Mob are in different heats??
 Seat 2 : Pascal Perrault (Fra) A Frenchman who can play !
 Seat 3 : Chip Winton (USA) Left out for a few series, now the All-American Pro is back
 Seat 4 : Colette Docherty (Ire) Lady Poker Player no one knows
 Seat 5 : Asher Derei (UK) plays sort of well
 Seat 6 : Liam Flood (Ire) Very experienced
 Seat 7 : Adam Heller (UK) Been everywhere, previous runner-up
Early play didn't involve much other than nervous and half-hearted steal attempts.
Heller traps himself with a 6-4 spades when the flop arrives 9-J-K all spades. He checks and Perrault checks with the Ace of spades. The 10 of spades hits next and oddly both check again. Last card is the Q of spades, making a straight flush on the board to the King, Pascal having it to the Ace. Heller announces "I flushed the flop", Pascal bets small and Heller has to call.
Asher is first to go when again small suited cards traps a player. This time 6-5 clubs makes a flush on the flop and Derei plays all-in only to see Flood calling with the 7-2 of clubs. No escape.
Heller short stacked (SS) moves in with A-2 clubs to be called by Ram with 5-5. Flop of 6-2-6 is of little use and Turn and River don't improve. Heller goes out.
Chip makes one successful all-in with A-K and then tries again against the Ace-Ten of Pascal. PP hits the ten first card and Chip sees no improvement.
Liam slows plays Ace-Ace into a flop of K-K-5 which trips Ram holding K-7. It was a poor play if all he could do was bet out on the flop which is what he did. Ram goes chip leader.
Under the pressure of short handed play Colette tries a fast play with 10-8 diamonds but catches Ram with K-K. They stand and Colette misses out on a step into the next round.
Ram goes into the heads-up battle the chip leader but really outplays himself when a simple flop of K-Q-2-4-4 gets him to put a lot chips in with his A-J vs K-3. He couldn't really beat any hand that PP would be there with. Soon after he tried an impatient move with K-Q offsuit only to be caught with A-T of Pascal. No help and Ram goes into the semi-final and Pascal makes the final for the first time.