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Late Night Poker V Episode Seven
00:35 13th April 2002
 Seat 1 : Simon Trumper (UK) "Aces" to his friend
 Seat 2 : Carlo Citrone (It) this weeks continental flavour, some say icecream
 Seat 3 : David Colclough (UK) experienced player
 Seat 4 : Peter Costa (UK) regular sort of poker player
 Seat 5 : Charalambos Xanthos (UK) plays Backgammon better than most poker players
 Seat 6 : Debbie Berlin (UK) Lady Poker Player regular player with aggression
 Seat 7 : Ali Sarkeshik (UK) tough at the money table but can he play this?
Trumper normally tries to slow play hands to trap others and here it was no different. he did however get caught when checking his Q-5 on a flop of Q-T-5. Ali had T-T and bet small, Trumper took Ali all in and did not catch the required Q and went very low.
SS Trumper takes the chance to steal the blinds with K-T but gets a caller with K-K. Citrone's hand stands up and Trumper is gone.
Citrone gets himself into trouble as a board of 4-4-Q-Q-A sees him bluff with J-9. It had been checked all the way and now Colclough thinks before calling with his A-2.
Debi plays few hands but finds a J-J and doubles through against the A-T of Costa.
Ali had tried several clever plays but hadn't really found his feet in this event. SS he got all n with an A-5 but Bambos had him beat with A-K. No five meant Ali went out.
Costa had been chip leader for some time which may have gone to his head when he bet out of turn with a semi-strong hand that he was probably keen on representing as a very strong hand. Colclough just called before him and Costa took it on himself to bet even more than he had intended. Around to Colclough with A-K and he bets all-in. Costa calls now with A-J. The A-K holds up and Costa butchers a lot of chips for no good reason.
Now Costa finds K-K and Colclough calls with T-T. Unlucky this time Costa goes out as Colcough hits a T. His chip position should have seen him through but for the previous error.
Debi had dribbled chips away until she was all-in on the big blind. Bambos and Colclough checked it all the way and Bambos caught an Ace, Debi had Queen high.
Citrone found no way out of losing his chips when his J-T came up against Colclough's A-J. The flop of 6-3-8 led both to check but when a J showed on 4th street with 4 spades for Citrone he could not help himself but to check-raise all-in. No spade on the River and it was down to 2.
There was the usual heads-up nonesense between Bambos and Colclough (leader) before the later called with a 4-5 to see a flop of A-2-3. Bambos tried to bluff with his J-T thinking that no pre-flop raise meant no Ace. He was right in that but only a K-Q runner-runner could save him. Bambos into the semi-final and Colclough into the Final for once playing very solidly.
SS - short stacked