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Late Night Poker V Episode Six
00:35 6th April 2002
 Seat 1 : Markus Golser (?) hard up for players?
 Seat 2 : Dave Welch (UK) poker's answer to the question we all forgot
 Seat 3 : 'Mad' Marty Wilson (UK) lively player from Birmingham, if you couldn't tell
 Seat 4 : Robin Keston (Ger) how to play poker on Valium
 Seat 5 : Gary Bush (UK) how to player poker on Speed
 Seat 6 : Victoria Coren (UK) Lady Poker Player Ex-observer columnist, a pitty but we're happy to see her
 Seat 7 : Surinder Sunar (UK) still one of the top tourney players
Erratic early play from all. Marty played 3-3 all the way to no avail and then put down J-J to a small pre-flop raise. Twice Bush raised pre-flop and A-K and J-J to pass each time with no contest!
Surinder picked up a large pot to establish himself as chip leader with A-T against A-K of Golser. The flop of A-T-6 lets Golser trap call Surinder's small bet. The turn brings a third spade and gives Golser a nut-flush draw so he chooses now to raise Surinder all-in. Call. The River is no help and Golser is Short stacked (SS).
Soon Golser plays K-9 and sees 6-7-8 on the flop, he sets himself all-in. Marty calls for the small bet with A-5, a straight draw where the Ace is leading. No help and Golser is first out.
Keston makes a move all-in with T-T but chip leader Surinder considers the risk small to his position and calls with A-Q. A middle of Q-6-K-J-2 sees Keston gone.
Bush bets all-in and Vicky just flat calls. Next up is Surinder who thinks for some time before getting Vicky to put the rest of her chips in. Bush has Q-Q, Vicky J-J and Surinder A-7 spades. The flop shows an Ace and a 7 and the Turn reveals another Ace to give Surinder a big chip lead.
Heads-up its Marty and Surinder. A few hands pass with each raising and the other folding. Then Marty calls with K-2 diamonds. The flop of K-Q-3 brings a small bet from him. Surinder raises 500 and Marty pushes his whole stack in. Surinder calls and turns over K-4, leading but also with 2 spades and a flush draw. The hand most often will tie without the flush and though the Turn is no help the River card is another spade and Marty goes into the semi-final and Surinder to the final.