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Late Night Poker V Episode Five
00:55 30th March 2002
 Seat 1 : Malcolm Harwood (UK) "The Rock"
 Seat 2 : Vicky Lincoln (UK) Lady Poker Player this woman has got something
 Seat 3 : Ben Roberts (UK) The toughest of players and quiet with it
 Seat 4 : Henry Nowakowski (Ger) Polish-German who puts al the chips in
 Seat 5 : Fabrice Soulier (UK) TV producer
 Seat 6 : Daniel Negreanu (USA) Aggresive young talented American
 Seat 7 : Ross Boatman (UK) London is still burning
Very early in the game Harwood plays Aces quietly with a small pre-flop raise. Nowakowski calls with 4-5. The flop delivers A-2-8 and Harwood checks his trips to allow Nowakowski to bet 300 into a pot of 450. Harwood just calls. The Turn card is a 3 and check-bet all in-call gets all the money in. Harwood and everyone else is shocked to see the straight and with no help on the River the early faller is The Rock.
Daniel Negreanu shows class by taking Ross out of a hand with second pair. On a flop of A-Q-4 Ross bets with his A-3. Feeling that he should have been more aggressive with anything other than an Ace-high kicker Daniel Negreanu felt that a raise holding K-O would make Ross feel his kicker was too weak. He did and he passed.
Short stacked (SS) Negreanu took on Fabrice's all-in A-8 with his A-7. Most often a tie this one went wrong when the cards came A-2-6-6-3 and the 8 played to take most of Danny's chips. Now very (SS) Danny is taken on with his 10-4 by Ross's 6-3. Ross makes a straight on the flop of 7-4-5 and one of the top players is gone.
Nowakoski's style is one that confuses and disguises and when he bet the flop of A-Q-A with his A-5, Ross talked himself into believing it was a bluff and called with his Q-3. No need for it and he was out.
Fabrice (SS) bets all-in on a flop of 7-J-5 with his 8-5. After a while Vicky calls with J-9 and no help saw them down to two.
The Heads-up clash is a contrast of styles. Vicky is relieved to see several good hands so that the constant raising is unable to push her aside. All-in wins take her ahead of Nowakowski. Finally he pushes all the chips in with A-8 and after thought Vicky Lincoln calls with 7-7. A board of 4-5-5-Q-6 puts Vicky into the final and Henry into the Semi-final.