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Late Night Poker V Episode Two
00:55 9th March 2002
 Seat 1 : Padraig Parkinson (IRE) Top Irish drinker and player
 Seat 2 : Phil Hellmuth (UK) 1989 World Champion, previous winner of LNP
 Seat 3 : Kevin O'Connell (UK) Brummie player of great experience
 Seat 4 : Willie Tann (UK) Dry but tough player
 Seat 5 : Lise Vigezzi (Fra) Lady Poker Player Someone to make the game look healthy
 Seat 6 : Jon Shoreman (UK) Very good Heads-Up, methodical
 Seat 7 : Ken Lennaard (Swe) Making a living at they say?
Early play sees Phil (10,10) give money to Kevin (K,J) when a J hits the flop. Phil talks about it for the rest of the show. Willie outplays Padraig on a scary K,K,10 flop to pick up chips. Kevin plays badly with Q,Q when the flop is A,9,9,2,9 and bets into Shoreman holding an Ace. His bet had no meaning, it could never have won any more money.
Phil outplays himself with a bluff-bluff on 7-3 after a flop of A-K-T. Kevin had the straight. Then Phil, short stacked (SS) by now, moves all-in with 8-8. Padraig calls with A-7 and hits an Ace. Phil is out first after coming from California.
Kevin (SS) gets all-in with A-3 vs A-Q spades of Ken. Ken makes a flush and Kevin is out admitting he played a poor game.
Liz and Willie get all-in twice with each other when both (SS). First Liz has J-J against A-4 but the Ace hits and then her K-5 hits a 5 vs his A-K but Willie makes a straight on the River card. Liz is out.
Ken promotes himself with a strange all-in call with A-4 against Padraig with 6-6. He hits an Ace and doubles through. Willie then doubles through Padraig when his K-J makes a flush against 3-3.
Quiet Jon gets caught playing Ace-Ace when Ken makes another weak call with K-Q for a sizeable pre-flop bet. K-K-8 on the board catches Jon out when he tries to take it there and then. Jon then gets a little back from Ken when his 6-5 makes a straight. Finally Jon gets all-in favourite with K-J against Padraig but an off-suit T hits the River and Jon is gone.
Short Stack play dominates as usual as the antees force play. Willie (SS) gets in with A-J but Padraig's Q-8 makes a pair and were are down to two.
Exchanges see Ken hit many good starting hands that force Padraig to back off from stealing blinds. Then when Padraig tries to steal Ken's opening bet with K-J he sees himself called and on trouble with the K-7. A 7 hits and Padraig makes the final after playing pretty well and Ken into the semi-final with some scratchy play and a bit of luck.
(Until Next Time)