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Late Night Poker V Final
00:35 27th April 2002
 Seat 1 : David Colclough (UK) experienced player
 Seat 2 : Vicky Lincoln (UK) this woman has got something
 Seat 3 : Jac Arama (UK) Graduated from Backgammon, top tourney results
 Seat 4 : Pascal Perrault (Fra) A Frenchman who can play
 Seat 5 : Korosh (UK & Iran) Fruit cake never seemed this nutty
 Seat 6 : Joe Beevers (UK) 'The Elegance'
 Seat 7 : Padraig Parkinson (Ire) Top Irish drinker and player
 Seat 8 : Surinder Sunar (UK) still one of the top tourney players
£100,000 to play for. £50,000 to the first place player.
The beginning of the final saw most players cautious which played into Korosh's hands as his style never changes. In this respect he plays well and manages to take Jac off a weak hand with a total bluff and the same happened to Joe. Korosh takes an early chip lead.
Continuing the theme Korosh semi bluffs all-in with a big drawing hand, Ace high four clubs after the flop. Surinder has top pair with his K-Q and calls all in, a slightly weak play but against Korosh it seemed OK. The pair stands and Korosh's march is checked.
In earlier LNP series Colclough played nervously and not well. Here he is a changed man and takes his time to make moves. Against Jac he sees the flop of 4-K-4 and the Turn a 7. Jac bets and David calls. The River is a 9 and Jac bets again. David has 10-7 in the hole and eventually believes Jac to be on a steal and calls. Jac turns over 6-6. Was it an amazing call or just bizarre? Probably Jac gave something away.
Immediately after that hand Korosh (chip leader) decides to bluff a flop of 3-4-J with 6-8 by betting a lot of chips. Colclough has Aces and his all-in is not called.
A strong theme in the final is the lower chip stack in a hand comes through to win the hand. Pascal rather weakly gets all-in with A-J against Joe's A-K and Joe takes the money leaving Pascal short stacked. Pascal gets all-in in the next with K-9 in desperation and hits a King to beat Colclough. Then soon again he gets all-in with 3-3 against A-J from Colclough and it holds once more for a second double through. No one is going out easily and the blinds are rising!
Unable to change gear, Pascal now gets aggressive with 9-9 after a flop of A-J-2 induces Jac to make a small bet. The raise isn't enough and eventually Jac calls with K-J to take Pascal out of the final.
Colclough shows again that he is in control of himself when he puts down top pair with lower kicker, Ace-6 and looks good to finish high.
Surinder has had little luck with finding hands up to this point but is delighted to get all-in with A-K of hearts against Joe. Joe flips over Jacks for a classic showdown hand. The flop shows a King, the Turn nothing but the River spikes a Jack. Surinder is the second player out.
AT this point the chip leaders are Joe and Jack just ahead of Korosh.
Korosh now opens up 10,000 with A-T diamonds only to see Joe raise all-in another 15,000. With 35,000 in the pot it is a mandatory call. He's a 2-1 dog against Kings, Queens or Jacks and is getting 2.15-1 in the pot. He's 2.25-1 against A-K. He passes. The chip winner would have made him a strong favourite and he should have called.
All this time Vicky has struggled and finds the approaching big blind forcing her to play all-in with Q-T. She gets respect except from Padraig who calls with Q-4 hearts. She makes a top straight and doubles through.
Padraig is now short stacked and off-camera manages four straight all-in coups where no one called and he picked up the blinds each time. He then doubles through Colclough with his favourite hand 9-10 against David's K-6. Its pretty desperate now with high blinds making people go in with low hands. Colclough (A-6) now short gets all-in again against Padraig (Q-J), he leads once more but a Queen on the flop puts him out of the competition without doing anything wrong.
The biggest hand of the final was also started by Vicky in bad shape with low chips. She bet all-in with J-T offsuit to see Korosh come over the top all-in with A-K. Joe (chip leader) thought for some time and called the 20,000 bet, turning over pocket Queens. The flop was harmless but a King appears on the Turn to put Vicky out and make Korosh good chip leader with 50,000 in chips, half of all the chips on the table.
Jac now gets all-in with A-3 against Padraig with Q-7. Both a Q and a 7 appear on the flop with an 8. An Ace on the Turn gives Jac outs but the River King sees him gone.
The three way position was Korosh 50,000, Padraig 38,000 and Joe 11,000.
Joe makes a small bet and gets raised 8,000. Joe calls all-in he has Ace-Jack against Padraig 2-2. 13/12 favourite Joe sees a reasonable flop 5-9-9. Any Ace, Jack or 5 or running pair to win. The cards finish 6-8 and Joe is out third after having a big shot at winning the final.
Heads Up it is even in chips. From the start its an uneven battle as Korosh plays poorly. He calls a 10,000 bet with 5-6 hearts and gets nothing on the flop. He tries a bet of 10,000 with Q-8 to raised very quickly with K-7. He passed. Then staggeringly Padraig put it all-in with Queen-8 and didn't want a call but Korosh did and turned over another 5-6 hearts. The board fell 8-9-4-T-J and it was over quickly.