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World Series Of Poker
 Jesse May Reports
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

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- The Final Action
Jesse May in
Las Vegas
#2 Thirty Hours to Go

Thirty hours to go. Thirty hours before the poker championship of the world commences, and 600 of the hardiest souls square off in a five day knock down drag out match. Thirty hours to square away those last satellite seats and dish out percentages. Thirty hours to get that yellow ticket in your hand that says paid in full, play with care. The smart ones have taken care of business already and are just using their final day and night to prepare for the task at hand. Barny Boatman left town with Frenchman Pascal Perrault before the weekend, they vowed to serenely focus and return with fire in their bellies. Those are two men who still figure to be bright eyed and aggressive come the final 45 players on Thursday morning.

Going the other route is Ram Vaswani, who is determined to play every hour of every tourney down to the bitter end. Ram took another second place in a preliminary tournament, this one in the limit half Hold’em and half Stud. I saw Ram on Friday night, during a break in the tournament with four tables left, and he was as focused as I ever seen him. He didn’t even recognize me when I came by. Ram is all action, and while I believe he might sleep for seven days straight when this thing is over, he is so in the zone that he should still have gas in the tank when he needs it come crunch time.

Would you believe that I saw Phil Hellmuth getting a lap dance at Olympic Gardens Strip Club a bare one day before the Big One kicks off? Well I didn’t, but reports are that Phil is considering anything to change up his tune, and some last minute advice from Layne Flack may not have gone unheeded. It’s been a rough month for Phil so far, as he’s only turn cashed in one event out of thirty, small money in the Limit Omaha, and he’s putting all of his chips in to make a nice show in the final event and still make this his WSOP, and not forever the year of the new Phil, Philadelphia star Phil Ivey.

Ian Dobson, in sparkling form all through this month, had to suddenly fly back to London last week to attend to urgent family business. He’s going to try and jet back in for the main event, and knowing Ian, with thirty hours left until post time he’s still a favorite to make it to his seat on time.

TC (Team Carborundum) caught up with British hope Surindar Sunar, drinking coffee at the Bellagio bar. “Ready,” he said, “and waiting. I’m really looking forward to this event.” No wonder. Besides being one of the best no limit Hold’em players on the planet, Surindar is also coming into this event with some nice form indicators. He won his seat in a super satellite, and he made the final table of the tough Pot Limit Omaha tournament before a bad beat knockout sent him to the showers.

It’s tough finding people in this town, because the poker players are all spread out. The cash games are mostly at the Bellagio, where stakes have been staggering in a massive Pot Limit Omaha game with a fifty grand sit down price. How big can you bluff? A story is flying about a man who put in $100,000 on the river with stone cold nothing, only to find himself getting called. All he could say was, good hand, and he was last seen looking to raise a rebuy for the game. They’re also playing sky high over at Sam’s Town, where the limits have reached eight and sixteen thousand, and one poor fellow is stuck to the tune of one million cold. How much money do you need to have to lose a million dollars playing poker? The answer sadly enough, is only a million.

What will happen today? Sunday is super satellite madness, where anyone and his grandmother will spend as little as two hundred to try and grab those last desperate seats. I’ll be back with a t-minus twelve hour report. It only builds from here.

Other Jesse May Reports : Warm-Up - Thirty Hours To Go - Jeez !! - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Days 4&5
- The Final Action
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