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World Series Of Poker
 $5,000 Holdem (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

11th May - 113 (-30%) players. Prizepool $531,100 (-32%). 1st prize $221,440 (-29%). So nearly a heads up between the two woman players. Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Jennifer Harmon NJ $221,440
2 Brian Green CA $106,200
3 Mimi Tran CA $53,100
4 Fred Bonyadi CA $31,860
5 Q Knopow CA $23,900
6 Humberto Brenes CA $18,580
7 Allen Cunningham NV $13,280
8 Jon Brody CA $10,620
9 Al Stonum England $8,500
10 Tony Hartman CO $6,380
11 - 12 Danny Qutami, Gabe Kaplan $6,380
13 - 15 David Pham, Richard Gazzano, Thor Hansen $5,840
16 - 18 David Enoch, Jesse Danial, Jim Courtney $5,320
Key Players 

There are few professional poker players as popular as Jennifer Harmon, now Mrs. Marko Traniello, and none more beautiful. If you've never seen her, think a young, prettier Goldie Hawn with a killer instinct. Nobody laughs when Jen sits down at their table.

Allen Cunningham lost with an A J against Harmon's pocket 9's. Then later, he pushes A K all the way to the river all-in against the magic hand 'presto,' pocket 5's. All chips were being Hoovered into Jen's stack. Cunningham will have better days. Allen fell to 7th, barely winning a hand.

To make a disastrous day even worse, Hunberto Brenes had Q Knopow all-in drawing thin. Q had an A Q with an Ace on the flop. Humberto flopped a set of 3's. Brenes playfully choked the dealer Bobby after the turn and river come Queen Queen. (Maybe that's why Knopow wants to be called Q.) The coup d' grace came soon thereafter for Brenes in 6th. He had Mimi Tran dominated with A Q versus Q 9. But Mimi's hand contained two Diamonds. Tran got Humberto all-in on her flush draw and she got there in the river.

This was supposed to be the perfect scenario. It was Mother's Day in the U.S.. Two women were the chip leaders. It was the first time this year that two women had made the Final Table at the same time. There was only one fly in this perfect ointment. Brian Green wouldn't go away. Mimi Tran and Jennifer Harmon hammered on each other mercilessly until a series of losses to both Harmon and Green made Mimi's stack look like it had been in a Tran wreck. Pocket Queens by Harmon broke up our all female finale.

Heads up, Jennifer Harmon had a 4-1 chip lead. Maybe Brian Green thought he needed some chips to be competitive. Maybe he thought he picked up a tell. We'll never know. Whatever the reason Brian Green, who'd played so well for so many hours, shoved all his chips into the center of the table on a Queen high. Unfortunately for Brian it cost him a chance for a lot of Green. Harmon had already flopped two pair. Now Jennifer has a bracelet for each wrist.
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