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World Series Of Poker
 $1,500 Holdem Shootout (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

12th May - 193 (new event) players. Prizepool $272,130 (-). 1st prize $96,400 (-). New format proves a success with good tournout. Played in one day, a change from the original. Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Joel Chaseman MD $96,400
2 Gene Timberlake TX $55,600
3 Rocco Dipomazio NM $29,650
4 Scotty Nguyen NV $17,300
5 John Juanda CA $13,600
6 Melissa Hayden NV $11,120
7 Matt Lefkowitz MA $8,600
8 Daniel Negreanu NV $6,180
9 Marcel Luske Holland $4,940
10 Chris Pikula NY $3,700
11 - 20 Mickey Seagle, Jesse Jones, Don Mosely, David Enoch, Christer Johansson (Swe), Dino Fazlibegu, Joe Grew, Harry Demetriou (England), Toto Leonidas, Jac Arama (England). $2,500
Key Players 

This tournament is not a conventional format. It involves the elimination of 9 out of the 10 players at each table, winners to progress to the next round. There were 20 original tables.

If you did win your table, you were then on a freeroll for the $96,400 first prize. The 20 original table winners drew for seats at one of two 'second' tables and they started over again with $1,500 in chips. Five survivors out of those ten at each of the second tables then became the 10-handed Final Table carrying their second table chip counts with them. Clear? Sort of.

Chris Pikula claims that this is his first poker tournament ever. Imagine making a WSOP Final Table in your first tournament? Chris mucked his hand for 10th when Rocco DiPomazio showed him a runner runner flush.

Marcel Luske is a dominating player on the European tour. At this table, they didn't know his reputation. Luske had to go all-in short stacked with K 10. Gene Timberlake flopped trip 9's to send the European hotshot out in 9th.

Unable to win a hand of any kind, the starting chip leader tanked into 8th. Daniel Negreanu had the worst Final Table of his brief but spectacular career. Stunned and in shock, Daniel couldn't believe what was happening to him. He must have missed on a couple hundred outs in the hands he played. All-in with yet another A K, Daniel was called by John Juanda with K 10. No worries. The 10 ripped right off the deck and held up.

Another top player who had a horrible time was Matt Lefkowitz. With 13 big bets at the start, Matt had time to do something but he didn't get any cards. Besides, Scotty Nguyen was on fire at the time and Scotty was putting the table on tilt with his arrogant attitude toward his opponents. Matt went all-in drawing dead to John Juanda's flopped two pair.

The John Juanda Fan Club is still waiting for John to get his first bracelet. It didn't come today as Juanda was especially perplexed by Scotty Nguyen. With the board Q 2 3 4, John check raised and was reraised by Nguyen. Juanda then folded. Not long after, John went all-in on the button with the K 2 of Diamonds. It was Scotty who disappointed the Fan Club with Q 10 and a 10 on the flop.

Now for the complete and total collapse by a former World Champion. Overconfidence probably describes it most politely. Arrogance is probably a more accurate word. With four players left Scotty Nguyen had half the chips on the table and finished 4th. He never changed gears when the three rocks he was playing with changed theirs. It was obvious to everyone that Nguyen was bluffing most of the time, but nobody would call him down. When Joel Chaseman showed Scotty a bluff with the worthless 3 2 of Diamonds on a huge pot, the invincibility Nguyen had so successfully portrayed for so long was shattered. There were $30,000 in chips on the table. Prior to that hand, Scotty had $15,000 of them. In an hour he was gone.

The three remaining players made a save that guaranteed them their respective spots and played on. And on, and on, and on. At 7 am the next morning, Joel Chaseman finally hit the card on the river that allowed several insanely groggy people to go home.

Thanks for the report from Mike Paulle via Tex Whitson
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