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World Series Of Poker
 $2,000 S.H.O.E (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

10th May - 143 (-21%) players. Prizepool $268,840 (-29%). 1st prize $107,540 (-23%). 7-Card Stud, Hold 'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud Hi/Lo. Explain these games. Ivey makes it three Bracelets and confirms he's the best 7-Card player. Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Phil Ivey NJ $107,540
2 Diego Cordovez CA $53,760
3 Vince Burgio CA $26,880
4 Perry Friedman CA $16,140
5 Chris Grigorian CA $13,440
6 Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson CA $10,760
7 Brian Nadell NV $8,060
8 Christina Hung CA $5,380
9 Ian Murphy England $4,040
10 Mallory Smith CO $4,040
11 - 12 Dan Heimille, Rich Korbin $4,040
13 - 16 Bernard McNelis, Mike O'Malley, Steve Kaufman, Vince Calvino $2,680
Key Players 

Phil seems destined to tear up the WSOP record book. Ivey has THREE gold bracelets already this year (tying the record held by Phil Hellmuth and Ted Forrest for wins in a single year. He has FIVE Final Tables in 23 events. These accomplishments have the old dogs of the WSOP in awe.

Prior to the Final Table, Diego Cordovez was having a Phil Ivey tournament. He busted everyone. Included were the 'one out of the money,' and Englishman Ian Murphy in 9th. Diego seemed close to a lock for this bracelet with 2 1/2 times the chips of his closest competitor, Vince Burgio, and well over three times the starting chips of that guy way back in the pack, Phil Ivey. The 'D Train,' Diego Cordovez, had over one third of all the chips on the table. Just give the first place money to Cordovez, right?

This was the second Final Table of the year for Chris Ferguson. In the first, he probably would tell you he should have won his fourth bracelet. His first three beauties are clasped together as the hatband for his black Stetson. Chris is now 4th all-time in money earnings. He's the first player to win $1.5 million in the Championship Final. This event won't add much to his running total. Ferguson can be very aggressive or very patient. Today he had to be patient because he wasn't getting any cards. After the change to Stud, Chris went all-in with a King showing. Phil Ivey called with buried 4's and caught another 4 on 4th St. FORE! Former Champion being driven out of the tournament!

Vince Burgio and Diego Cordovez were clearly stunned by the cards Ivey was catching. It seemed like divine intervention. The poker god was sending in cooler after cooler to help out an already outstanding player. There was no defense for Ivey's force. Burgio finally had to laugh; there was nothing else to do. The capper came when the game had changed to Hold'em. Vince was in the big blind. The flop came 10 9 9. Phil bet out. Vince called to the river and mucked his hand when Ivey showed him that he had caught runner runner Aces with his A 4. Even all-in on the next hand Burgio found Ivey with a pair of 6's. It never stops.

And it didn't stop against Diego Cordovez. We aren't talking chopped liver here. The 'D Train' has already won $500,000 in a hold'em tournament this year. He's in the quarter finals of the Gold Bracelet Match Play having beaten Humberto Brenes, Barry Shulman and Mike Laing heads up to get into the money in that event. Yet, against Phil Ivey with a 2-5 chip disadvantage it was no contest. Phil wiped Diego out in short order. Ivey showed Cordovez everything: rivered straights, pocket pairs, higher two pair, the works. The all-in hand was anti-climatic as Ivey made a pair and Cordovez didn't.

Comments courtesy of Mike Paulle via Tex Whitson
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