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World Series Of Poker
 $5,000 7-Card Stud (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

9th May - 92 (-11%) players. Prizepool $432,400 (-14%). 1st prize $172,960 (-14%). A bit down on last years record equally competition. Only one table paid. Good European representation. Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Morad Qushqur Hamburg $172,960
2 Steve Banks CA $99,460
3 Men 'The Master' Nguyen CA $51,880
4 Thor Hansen Oslo $30,260
5 Mel Judah London $25,940
6 Randall Skaggs NV $21,620
7 Phil Goatz NV $17,300
8 Cyndy Violette NJ $12,980 0
Key Players 

Even before the Final Table, Mel Judah was aggravated. Mel spent much of the preceding day at the same table as Men 'The Master' Nguyen. Many of the psychological games Nguyen likes to play in a tournament, Judah would be eager to tell you are 'out of line.' Now at the Final Table together, Mel was still steaming. Of course, it's 'The Master' who puts Judah out in 5th. Men was catching the kitchen sink at the time and had a 10 high straight on 5th St. Mel was all-in with three Aces and couldn't fill.

When Morad put the loud mouthed Nguyen out it was heads up.
Steve Banks is a high-stakes Stud and Omaha player in the LA-area casinos, so the chip values weren't intimidating to him. But if he could have Morad's money, he'd gladly throw his away. Commencing with a 2-3 chip disadvantage, Banks was campaigning for a redistribution of wealth. He wanted some money added to 2nd place. It was difficult to get these Socialist ideas across to a capitalist like Morad, but eventually the message was translated properly and Banks got his wish.

Playing for the bracelet meant a lot to Steve Banks, but oddly it meant even more to Morad Qushqur. That's because it wasn't just the gold bracelet to Morad. It was the chance to be the first player born in Afghanistan to win one. Just as John Juanda is the first Indonesian and Hasan Habib the first Pakistani, being the first from any country is an honor that can never be taken away. "Every time he had me by the throat, he'd let me go. I don't understand it." Steve Banks was talking about the tactics of Morad Qushqur during a late break. Steve hadn't talked to Margaret so he didn't understand Morad's motivation. The money was meaningless to him. The guy just wanted to have fun. Like a cat who keeps a mouse alive as a more playful toy, Morad didn't want the game to end. Banks actually took a brief chip lead, until Morad put the hammer down on him with a 6 high straight to Banks' rolled up Aces.

Comments courtesy of Mike Paulle via Tex Whitson
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