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Late Night Poker VI Episode Seven
01:40 16th Nov 2002
 Seat 1 : Peter Costa (UK) fantastic recent form
 Seat 2 : Colette Docherty (Ire) Lady Poker Player plays well
 Seat 3 : Mario Fahimirad (Austria) Super Mario
 Seat 4 : Dave Welch (UK) very big on the British circuit
 Seat 5 : Fabrice Soulier (Fra) more Parisiennes
 Seat 6 : Ivo Donev (??) ??
 Seat 7 : Ram Vaswani (UK) is he the one who acts?
Mario under pressure decides to try his luck with the Kojak (K-J) and gets all-in only to be called by Welch with A-Q. 3-3-10-7-6 on the flop and Mario is out 7th.
Ram bets small and gets raised by Ivo who is trying to steal the pot with his 10-8. Ram gets all-in and turns over Q-Q! 7-3-J-5 on the board gives Ivo a flush draw and an inside straight draw which materializes with a 9 on the river. Ram unlucky to be out 6th.
After Welch is pushed around in several hands that he was winning he finally had to put it in with A-5 and found Ivo with A-J. He got lucky though when the cards fell 3-2-K-8-4 and made him a straight.
Ivo now very short bet it all with a J-10 and Welch called the small amount with 2-3. 9-4-2-7-3 and he had two pair and Ivo Donev was out 5th.
Fabrice had been too aggressive all night and try to buy another pot with a weak Q-4. Peter called with A-10 and nothing came for either. Fabrice was out 4th.
Colette had played very tight all night and was a bit short. Finding the Ace she got it in (A-5). Peter called again with his K-10 and hit a 10 to put Colette 3rd.
Heads up it didn't take long before Dave Welch and Peter Costa got all-in. Dave was dismayed to see Peter turn over K-Q suited as he had K-7. Peter made a straight and then a flush to secure victory and entry into the final. Dave goes into the semi-final for another try.