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Late Night Poker VI Episode One
01:15 5th Oct 2002
 Seat 1 : Peter Evans (UK) The Bandit - scrap metal man
 Seat 2 : Alan Betson (Ire) Strong recent form
 Seat 3 : Korosh (UK) Fruit cake never seemed this nutty
 Seat 4 : Lise Vigezzi (Fra)Lady Poker Player Someone to make the game look healthy
 Seat 5 : Mike Magee (Ire) 5th in series 4, great results
 Seat 6 : Donocha ODea (London) Most experienced pro
 Seat 7 : Michel Liebgorin (??) Where and why do they get them
The first episode gets quickly into the action with Korosh and Lise. Korosh (with 6-6) makes a small move only to be raised by Lise, at this early stage signalling a big hand. Korosh calls. The flop is K-Q-7, very dangerous for 6-6 but after check from Lise, Korosh makes a small move. Re-raise all-in from Lise was a mistake holding K-K but she probably earned the very close to the maximum anyway. Korosh passed.
Soon after however the money comes back to Korosh from Lise when she loosely calls a bet with A-6 on a flop of 10-7-6, Korosh having 10-9. All-in he moves back up.
Betson had early game nerves and just called a pre-flop bet with his A-K suited. When the flop came 7-9-7 he bet small but a raise from a pair of tens weakened his stack as he passed. Then chasing he played A-6 and checked on a flop of 3-4-3. When a 6 turned up on the 'turn', he bet and Korosh raised him all-in. Alan called only to see K-3 turn over for a 2-card out with the remaining sixes. Betson was first out
Peter Evans was another nervous player. Playing A-9 and getting called he bet a flop of A-4-5 and got called again. A 7 arrived and check-check then the 'river' brought a 6 and the third spade. Liebgorin bet now and the Bandit raised only to get re-raised all-in with Liebgorin's King high flush. The Bandit had no idea of what was going on there, a sign of nerves.
The next player out went in classic yet so simple a fashion. Korosh got it all-in with his A-K, not a bad move but Lise had the Aces and although a King hit the flop no more help came.
Mike Magee had been quiet with hands and had lost some chips on the way. With A-Q in his hand he thought it necessary to make a move before the antes hurt him any more. He got it all in and went up against Michel Liebgorin's J-J. No Ace or Queen arrived and Magee was out without a real mistake or much of a game.
Now short stacked, the Bandit tried a steal with his 10-8 but Michel had K-Q and called and that was good. Bandit out.
Its now three-way action between Lise, Donocha and Michel. Lise bets all-in with A-T from the first position. Donocha goes all-in with a similar amount of chips and a pair of sixes. Michel, now the big chip leader, thinks for a long time and calls with his 10-9 suited trying to take them both out. This is trying for too much. The cards fall 3-J-J-4-7 and Donocha triples his stack and Lise is sadly out.
Heads-up the battle would have been uneven in skill and experience if it were not for the 3-1 chip lead in Michel's favour.
A simple hand develops with Michel holding 10-8 and Donocha A-4. The flop is K-7-5 and both check. On the 'turn' its a 6 and check-check again but when the 3 falls on the 'river' Don bets 1200 and Michel raises 2000 on a complete bluff. The Don calls and shows his striaght.

Now equal in chips the decisive hand is dealt immediately. After pondering the Don made an all-in move with A-J, a little odd with no money in the pot and a clear lead in experience. However maybe he knew his opponent better and had a tell on the hand as Michel called with A-8 diamonds. An Ace and a Jack hit the table and Michel was side-lined to the semi final and Donocha was very happy to come from no where to be in the final.